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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Links to my "Adventures"~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Mmmmm after reading your comments (things are slow at the moment in the office), I've decided to post links to the places I've been and most likely will return to. (More to be added in the future)

Some of you on Blogging Lane like the idea of my including links of places I see and visit, and some of you like to envision my experiences and even make plans for the future.

Ooooh but remember sweet things, everyone's experience is always different, it's all in the matter of perspective and expectations.

To Fram, Mmmmm I'm thinking on your comment, I'll reply here to that later after I muse on it a bit. There is a reason, but Hmmm how to explain it, even I don't have all the answers, I'm still exploring my internal mind on that.

I must go for now into the dark recesses of the working world--there are times when I think of the visual images of Fritz Lang's film "Metropolis". Down, Down, Down into the depths of the fog......

1 comment:

Fram said...

Learn to surf in Santa Cruz, the advertisement read.

I tried surfing at Hermosa Beach, and learned what a basketball feels like -- tossing, tumbling, bouncing and bouncing and bouncing. I recall a wharf at Hermosa Beach, or maybe it was at Redondo Beach or maybe at Manhattan Beach. I never have been able to keep track of where I am when in a city.

The second floor of John's Grill looked appealing to me.