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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One last thought before bed~~~

To Fram~~~

Before I fall asleep.

Yes I do want you to be on here, that is why I’ve added that “gadget” I have a few who do follow this blog, some ask not to post their comments, and some I felt were too “private” or immoderate in their comments, and some like Mean Kitty are just right there.

If you look you will see that I have added a link to your blog (yes an ugly word) so others can find it. I enjoy your thoughts.

I’ve been reading your postings, your thoughts, there are other ways of being cut off from the world than by nature, but I think nature does it because “she’ has to, it doesn’t make it any less acceptable, but that is when it is good to think re-group, and re-asses things.

The half time silliness of the Super Bowl? I thank the powers above that I always deliberately miss it. I think it was George Carlin who said (and I’m paraphrasing) that football was an act of war, the act of stealing land, something that we (I believe he meant the government and robber barons) are ‘pretty good at’. And I would never attempt word games with that man, even a Contessa knows her match.

Drive 250 miles to a gun show? I would do that in a heart beat, damn the gasoline costs, no one but no one denies me my right to use, pack, shoot, and own a gun, not by rising costs, distance or idiotic legislature. (Snarl)

I like what Charlton Heston said, although a bit melodramatic, “From My Cold Dead Hand.”

Hmmmmm riding a ship over moonlit waves, do you know ships are always referred to as “she”? I’m sure you do. I love the description Mmmmmmm I can picture it.

I too sometimes feel the need to up and leave, go someplace else, but until I find another place that has that ‘special feel’ that San Francisco does, I shall stay here as home.

Now back to bed and sleep to unravel the cares of the day, Sweet dreams you luscious, yummy, sweet thing. (puuurrrrrr)

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Read and appreciated.