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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy and Sad~~~

I know Sweet Things,

How can one be happy and sad at the same time, it's not impossible, but it is the way life is.

Nothing is ever one or the other, it is a combination of both, and each are passing at the same time or goes in cycles.

Each can be brief or long.

I am sad for two reasons, Whitney Houston, a voice and a gift of music, gone forever to never have a chance to regain what she lost, but her music lives on.

The other reason is I just received word that one of my teachers who helped me get my scholarships to college passed away. I had asked when was the funeral I wanted to go, but was informed that she didn't want any funeral at all. She was cremated and her ashes scattered to the four winds. She had done what she wanted to do, influenced those that she could, saw the results and was pleased. She paid forward as they say. And I can only do the same, I'll miss her, I called her, wrote to her, visited her when I could, and discovered right up to the end she still was helping those that needed help, quietly, no fan fare, just doing little things to make the world better. I, and those whom she helped can only do the same.

Happy at the same time, yes, I had a wonderful evening with people I know and love, and saw the silliest movie "Munster Go Home", completely juvenile, silly and yet with some double meanings. I felt like a kid and the little beast "Baby" decided to sleep in my lap and would growl in its sleep if I moved too much. Maybe someday I'll have a dog of my own, but in the meantime I'll enjoy the company of others.

Joe has the Ford running right now, it is ready to "go for a spin". I asked him about all the other parts like breaks, steering etc. and he says that they are fine, so this will be a test run. But we are taking our very warm coats and our triple A cards---It's just going to be around town, nothing on the free way. Which is good, I have to do some shopping close by. So for a little while we will induge in nostalgia and be like there were in the '40's before Pearl Harbor.

As a matter of fact I saw a house up for sale here in town that's '40's vintage and I'm seriously considering buying it. It will need some work but it's open house today so we are going to take a look there first and have a serious talk about it. Joe liked the looks of it and it's drive way and garage space. He wants to get out of his apartment in Oakland, and if he's thinking what I'm thinking and I think he is we maybe on the same track, he'll have his own space when he needs it and I'll have fun doing up another place. And I can get my own garage back for my new car.

Joe is ready, so am I.

Later Sweet Things, Kisses

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