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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thoughts and Chinese New Year

Well Sweet Things,

Joe put in another long night last night, I woke up and was glad he had come home, to not wake me he fell asleep in the spare bedroom, He just had enough time to crash on the bed, I made sure he was warm enough.

Heather and I took our Sunday morning walk on the beach with the little beast with us, of course it meant carrying the little thing after a bit. We had coffee at our favorite coffee shop and talked about things. Her classes are going well, if there are no disruptions, but she is not happy with the campus----too political among the students she says, all she wants is to study get her degree and get a job, which is very competitive right now.

I've had her go to seminars about what to do and not do to improve her chances of getting work, "On my dime" so to speak, she considers it a loan I told her 'it's an investment'.

There is something about the aroma of coffee that is comfortable, conversational and warming, with comfortable chairs, soft music and just the right atmosphere one can talk on a lot of things.

We had walked so far that Heather's legs were hurting, so we caught bus back to our homes, Heather invited us (Joe and Me) to dinner and we are finally going to see "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", nothing special she said it's all take out.

I told her we'd chip in, Joe is awake, Heather said she called in the order and we are going to go and pick it up in a few minutes. Joe has the next few days off and is planning to go and get parts for the 1940 Ford, he is close to having it running.

Baby Sis and Ted are planning to come up and visit during their next school break, and are going to stay with me, Ted wants to get together with Joe about the Ford, Baby Sis and I can only sigh.

Am I sounding so 'pedestrian' ? Family this, friends that and Boy friend another thing, well Sweet Things it's the way my life is going right now. But this coming weekend Yoshi and I are going to take in the Chinese New Years Parade, it will be fun seeing her and her husband and family. I wish Joe could be with me but again he's pulled duty it being a Saturday and who knows what Occupy Oakland will be planning.

My caregivers at my country place say things are going well, just a few minor repairs, I'll have to plan on going up there soon.

Time to go, take care Sweet Things


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