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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A slight cold and an update~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Well I have a little cold, or it might be allergies, I'm going to see my doctor in an hour, fortunately her office is close by.

My Mother is visiting me for a few weeks, and Baby sis is using the commuter flights to come and visit, she came up Friday and left on Monday. We went to the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale, and had to get there very early, Lillian and Heather drove us and since Lillian has a handicapped placard we could park in the handicapped slot, so Heather, Baby sis and I went hunting for coffee and pastries. We all had so much fun and I found some things I can put into my office, Joe was on duty, so he went on Sunday.

Mom and Baby sis found things for their "business" Heather found some very interesting artwork and Lillian just enjoyed herself at the jewelry counter.

I just love it, and the next day Sunday was so nice that we went to the Antique Faire that is held once a month. Mother found patterns and things that she could use, Sis found some vintage clothing as well.

Then Monday Sis flew back home but she'll be back in two weeks, we are all going to the Vintage Fashion Faire in the City. And I hope to be better from this cold or allergies or whatever it is.

Joe has made a decision~~~he's going to leave his job, he has had it~~~not to worry he has another one lined up, he has enough to retire on and with this new job he will be in an excellent position financially. He's also moved into a new studio apartment, that's in easy walking distance from my place. I thought he'd want to move in with me but we both admitted that my place is not big enough for both of our interests, but the studio is more of a holding place and it's close by. I can understand, sometimes he needs his own "Man Cave", a place he and his buddies can get together without imposing on me, I hadn't realized that he felt that way. But yes, during the games they can let off steam without worrying about doing any damage by accident. But he's keeping his cars here.

In a way I'm glad that he's changing jobs, but he will still be in touch with his friends, and still be in the know with what they are going through. It relieves my mind.

And what have I been doing? Working Sweet Things, Working! Maybe that is why I'm not feeling so well. I want to travel, to drive someplace in my new car, but the demands of work are preventing me from doing it.

But to be able to have Mom here is a pleasure, and she's not alone, she and Lillian go off on their little excursions and Mom always comes home with a find.

Now I must go, my appointment is in a half hour even though it's only 10 minutes away, but I don't like to be late.

Until later Sweet Things. Kisses

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