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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Film Noir, Chinese New Year and Whitney~~~

I know Sweet Things, So much in one "headline" for this post.

Whitney Houston, so sad, a talent lost, I have a couple of her CD's I had hoped she'd make a comeback, but it almost seems like she was on a path to self destruction. Information on her death is still sketchy, but still sad.

I am also getting over a mild headache---Chinese New Year's parade so much fun, and crowded, Yoshi, her husband and I went to the one in S.F. I had wished that Joe could have come but they were expecting their own sort of Fireworks.

Everyone seemed to want to be a part of this year's celebration, the year of the Dragon (water Dragon), hoping for prosperity. This time Yoshi earlier had taken me to several religious ceremonies and they seems so right, this year I feel that it will be a turn around, slow, hard, thoughtful but fighting to get back on track. Everyone jostling around, cheerful, calling out happy new year in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, some one passing by gave me a small red envelope with a golden dragon on it, in side a Chinese good luck coin. Just a young person, a young man really with a big smile on his face, just from happiness or making a pass, who knows.

Yoshi's husband Brian was worried that I had been pick-pocketed, but I keep my important things in a very small wallet, Velcro inside a pocket inside my jacket. They'd have to get very physical to remove it. Oh the food, so delicious at Yoshi's Grandmother's home, and I'm afraid I had a little too much wine, good thing I slept over her Grandmother's and had them bring me home. We all did, Grandmom insisted, wisely too.

Now I have a vase with blossom's in my living room and Yoshi insisting that I have my entire home looked over to have the proper Chi analyzed by a Fung Shui master. Well it couldn't hurt.

Joe is up and insisting that we go and have a late breakfast, I think I can eat bacon and eggs, I know not exactly healthy, but I could go for the protein. Then he wants to go to this place for parts for the Ford, I'm bringing a book, because I know when he get's to talking about car parts, I'm a little lost. But that Ford is coming along beautifully.

Joe wished we could have driven it to the Film Noir Festival a few weeks ago, but what I did is work and then went over to the theatre and meet either Joe or Heather and Lillian there, it was wonderful seeing a number of old films that have not been released to DVD like "Mr. Dynamite" or the 1931 version of the Maltese Falcon or Alan Ladd in the Great Gatsby, I was having fun wearing my 1940's outfits, my hair up in those 40's hair do's. And Angie Dickinson being there she looked fantastic!

I joined the Film Noir foundation, that and the Art Deco Society. Joe in a Trench Coat and Fedora, is my Sam Spade becoming no longer just a fictional thought? Who knows.

Joe has given more thought on retirement, his friend Frank has too, they both have put in a lot of time and are in good positions to retire and although he is tempted to seek a position in the Gold Rush country his heart is still here in the Bay Area, many people have inquired with him about security of their properties and he's given advice but now he's thinking in the private sector, so is Frank---I've come to call them "The Dragnet Squad".

They both are trying to put in for a few days vacation, so we can go the the PEERS "Film Noir Ball", I hope he can do it, it's been hard having time together.

And now it's time to grab a bit to eat, thank goodness my headache is fading fast.

Until later Sweet Things.


P.S. my gosh he wants to go in the Jeep!!! I have to wear a heavier coat and pray it doesn't rain!

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