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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have not forgotten all of you~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Has it been two weeks since I last posted? Yes it has.

So much has happened, helping Yoshi, helping Lillian, helping Lynda, helping my co-workers and my clients. I am tired.

I went into work early today, good thing too, not that I have a back log but just a lot to clear away.

Just a quick update, Joe and I are doing fine. I need to let you all in on how things are going on that front, but I'm too tired to type beyond this short post.

The rain and cold and pollen have taken their toll on me and my sinuses. But taking the medication is worse for me, so I'll just 'deal with it'.

This weekend all I'm going to do is sleep, sleep and more sleep until I can't sleep any more. It will be a do nothing weekend. A vacation from work and home. I don't even want to drive any place.

My caretakers at my country home are doing fine, even Buddy the dog that we rescued, I've been told that he's like a puppy now, getting vitamins, and really good food and everything.

The repairs on the house is going just fine, they sent me video feed of what has been done, and I'm please and so is the Historical Society.

Come May 1 is the start for my Summer Season, and I'm going to have to plan on things, and squeeze in my sister's graduation party. Finally her Bachelors in Business but back to school for her for her Master's.

So much that my mind is whirling.

But now my most important thing is Dinner----I think I'll order delivery---Yes, the good old standby---Chinese!!!

Kisses, Sweet Things and more to come, when I'm up to writing.

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