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Friday, April 2, 2010

Home is where the heart is~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I'm here with my family for Easter, every one's in bed except me and Trixie the dog, I'm at my Dad's computer and she is at my feet, waiting for me to turn in.

Just too wound up today, and I don't know why. Flew down on an evening flight from Oakland Airport, I'm glad I took a taxi to the terminal and only packed one bag. It only confirmed for me the train is the way to go.

Even that evening everyone trying to get a flight, some on standby, and even though it's local still had to check everything.

If I have to I can fly, but I really don't feel secure on something so 'iffy', the ratio of thrust to lift to mass, technically they say that the bee can't fly, yet it does, technically a piece of "tin" shouldn't fly, yet it does, but if it drops---kiss everything good-bye.

Mom said that if I want to buy a few things and leave them here I could, I just might do that, we're going to do a little shopping tomorrow and she has a closet and bureau in the sewing room so I can leave things there, mostly casual stuff and toothbrush, comb and such. It would be less to pack, especially if I have to take the plane again.

And Dad going to be baptized in the Catholic Church! A Miracle and one that I'm glad about.

I talked to Joe on the phone earlier this evening, he's going to work Easter Evening, to cover for one or two of the men who have families, he sounds good, Lillian is still at her son's house, her other son is checking her house, she is doing fine, said she'll be home next Tuesday. I'm glad I miss her company.

And Baby sis graduating this June, but she's going right back for her Master's, she said that she's going to skip the graduation ceremonies, she feels the one for her master's will be more important, Dad kept asking her if she was sure and she said she was, it would be more fun and relaxing just to have a special party at home. She said she didn't want all that graduation stuff to clutter up her thoughts.

Mom's little business is doing well, she has a couple of wedding gown's in the works, and both will be ready for the June dates, she refused to do the bride's maid dresses, and a couple of suits for a Great Gatsby to do. She's done a couple of hats and is sewing gloves. I managed to pack some vintage patterns for her that I found at a thrift store in the City, she loved them.

Oh, oh Dad is here, and telling me time for bed. So to bed I must go.

Nity Night Sweet Things

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