Beware, or I'll eat you alive.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Made a mistake

Hello Sweet Things,

And to one Sweet Thing in particular.

I had received a comment that was nice, it simply said "Hello---nice to meet you" but signed with little square boxes.

I made the mistake of accidentally rejecting it instead of posting it. And I do apologize.

I had a very late night last night, I was with my friend Yoshi, and she was in tears, her Father, who had been in Hospice for the last few weeks had died.

She had to be the rock for her family to see that the right things were done, and she had no one to console her as she was doing the consoling for everyone else----I understand her feelings as she is my friend from college and more than once she said "Who cares for the Caregiver?"

So I was the support and consoler for her, but I only had a few hours sleep, and need to run errands today, but I should know than to make "little tiny moves" using a computer. And so I accidentally deleted/rejected the comment.

My apologies to you Whomever you maybe. Please comment again and I will be more careful.

Joe and I had our talk and I have to say the outcome was and is positive. We are both in a place that we are happy with.

I will post on that later, when my mind is working a bit better. But now I need to go back to Yoshi and help her, I promised her I would. This is not an easy time, and I need to be there for her.

Kisses Sweet Things.