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Friday, April 2, 2010

A phone call~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

My Mother and I are going shopping in a few minutes, Dad is at work, Baby sis is with her husband to be (eventually).

While Mom was getting ready I got a phone call from Joe, he said a number of sweet things to me and asked me to seriously consider something which could mean a change in my life, he doesn't want to rush me, as he said "we have all the time in the world."

He is seriously considering retiring from his job and looking at taking another and yes he is a police officer, he wants to stay in that line of work but in another location, away from the Bay Area, but he knows I have my life as well. So he said he'll hang in there until I'm sure about my decision as well. No rush, no time constraints he knows I have commitments as well.

He was married once, a long time ago, she died---cancer, no children, so he knows it means changes in how we live and commit ourselves and our life styles.

He said to not think about it now, to enjoy family and friends, and then later we'll put our ideas and feelings on the table, I could only agree, so we shall see sweet things, we shall see.

Mom is ready so we're off.

Later Sweet Things and Happy Easter.

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