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Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello Sweet Things,

Right now it's hard for me to write, but I do want to comment on the disaster in Haiti---a 7.50 earthquake.

50,000 people dead and more to be found.

Everyone at work was so upset about it, we got together funds to send for emergency relief.

Yoshi and I are looking to see what else maybe needed, but right now I know they need money for medical supplies, food, water, shelter.

One thing Sweet Things, if you are not sure about which emergency relief fund, contact the Red Cross for more information. I know our local T.V. Station KPIX which is a CBS affiliate has given out contact information on their web site, that is the best.

Living here in Earthquake California between the San Andreas and the Hayward fault, it has us very, very worried.

Must go.

Kisses Sweet Things and Pray for the People of Haiti

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