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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cold and Haiti Relief

Hello Sweet Things,

It is so cold today, snow on the mountain tops down in San Jose and close by. The rain has taken a rest for now, but what brief sunlight we had faded within a few hours.

Many errans to run today. Tomorrow Lillian and I are going to a speical evening concert fundraiser for Haitian relief at Christ the Light Cathedral. Frederikca Von Stade will be performing. I know the music will be wonderful and for a good cause.

Lillian delights in listening to "Flicka" and this will be a treat for her.

It maybe a while before I can post again, but Fram, I've been following your adventures, and right now I can almost feel the coldness of the snow outside your apartment.

I had forgotten about Irene Adler and her adventures, where she "performed" but almost automatically my mind went to Sherlock Holmes, so she is locked here in my subconscious, and Richard Tucker---what a voice.

Must go my Sweet Things, time is flying.

Kisses to all of you.


Fram Actual said...

It is cold, Diva. Sometimes inside as well as outside the apartment.

不管不管 said...


The Fabulous Diva said...

Since I do not understand the asian languages--I hope that the one that was posted is not offensive and if it is, someone please let me know.