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Sunday, January 10, 2010

And Update from the Week and thoughts~~~~

Dear Sweet Things,

My blog friend Fram has posted, and I know he is well. And now I find I can follow his adventures.

Warsaw, Poland----what history is there to see, how exciting!

When I was a child I read some of the histories of these countries, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, especially in biographies or Novels that dealt with spies or espionage. How strange my mind worked back then.

Did I ever have the courage to travel to those countries? Not really, getting an education, earning money and surviving on just what I could earn demanded my courage and strength. But I have found that even here I can travel to different countries or at least part of it's culture as it survives here.

Already my friend Yoshi is asking me to help her find things for the upcoming Chinese New Year's festival and we are making plans to celebrate it, and it may rain.

And last year my co-worker Maria asked me to help her get things for her family's Day of the Dead Festival, her car had broke down so I lent her a hand.

So I find that sometimes history and culture comes to me in unexpected ways, but now thanks to the Blogverse, and Fram's travels as well as others, I can travel in a blink of an eye, it is not the same as being there to hear the sounds, to feel the atmosphere, but it is a start.

I shall enjoy Fram's postings as he does his search and his travels, not exactly Watson to his Holmes, but enjoying just the same.

The weather here in the Bay Area is cloudy and chilly and overcast, we are expecting rain, and have already experienced earthquakes south and north of us. Eureka had a 6.5 and down in Hollister a 4.1, I hope that it has released enough pressure off of the faults, everyone is worried about the Hayward and the San Andrea's, let them be little ones.

As just a forwarding, if for some reason I do not post for a long, long time, check the news and see if the San Francisco Bay Area is still on the map. For the earthquake window is beginning to open again and I dread the spring of April. It has been 104 years since the big one, and many are not prepared.

Work has been busy for me, clearing away any snags from 2009 and almost all of us are pronouncing 2010 as Twenty ten, so much easier.

We've been having budget meetings, some leanest is going to be expected, and perhaps longer hours, but on the whole we are in very good shape, the goal is to work within the budget, spot where there is excessive expenditures and see where we can get better deals.

My clients are happy, but I did lose one with his passing away, very sad, he was a dear, sweet man, unfailing polite and a gentleman. I am working with his heirs right now as they are dealing with his trust. They don't want to sell, but they have to have things divided, so its a question of value.

And Tax time is coming, so much fun, I know how I'm going to be spending my weekends for the rest of this month. ***sigh*** but done it must.

And now the State is taking out more in state income tax!! ***Snort*** They can't balance their "books" so take more money from the people. Well if some of those political big wigs would look at their own "books" and reduce their income maybe the budget would be balanced. But only in a perfect world would that happen.

***Well I have to be off***my cupboard is bare, in fact even my laundry supplies are very low, so I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping today. Hmmm I guess it's Chinese Take Out tonight and a DVD.

Lillian has gone to visit for a week with one of her sons, so I'll be collecting her newspapers and mail and checking her potted plants. She has a warning instruction sign on one of her plants a "Venus Fly Trap" I understand they are not easy to grow in indoor conditions, but I've seen this thing and it's gotten bigger. Shades of "Audrey Two"??!!

I still I think I have a chance to do a little exploring today, even if it's only for an hour or two.

Until later Sweet Things, Kisses. Be safe Sweet Fram.

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