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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coyote howls and Sea and Sand~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Just a short post, I'm on a borrowed computer, and the owner is kind enough for me to use his wi fi.

Joe had enough of the insanity happening in Oakland with all the marching and protesting.   His company was able to provide more video footage of those alleged protesters that were doing serious damage to the local businesses.

I'm not going to get into the Martin/Zimmerman thing, but all I can say is it was a mistake by both parties involved, and then to discover on Piers Morgan that the girl that Martin was talking to was egging him on to confront Zimmerman because he might be a rapists???   Well with that interview I knew who really got the fight going.  Young and over active testosteron vs. older and over zealous and both stupid.

All all this protesting??? What is it going to solve??? Nothing, because parents are not parenting the young people, Bill Cosby in an interesting observation remarked what was wrong.  But then there are those that chose to ignore it.

So Joe loaded the Jeep with camping gear, tent etc.  and we went to the Santa Cruz mountians and are now camping for the extended weekend.  

I have to say it was nice to be away from the T.V. and just read, hike, nap, read some more, nap some more and of course eat.

But last night got a bit chilling, at least for me.  I had packed the food into the lock box in the jeep for safety, don't want ravenous squirrels attacking the Bisquit mix.  When around 1 a.m. I woke up to hear a pack of Coyoties running, yipping, howling, now sometimes we'll hear them in the morning, but from the sound of it they were coming closer and we didn't have a nearby neighbor in another tent, they got closer and closer and Joe even woke up.

Finally they were running back and forth in front of and behind the tent, we could see their shadows thrown on the tent walls from some ambient light, and yipping and howling, I felt so frightened, Joe sat up and grabed the base ball bat, and I grabed a crowbar that was under my cot. 

But the minute I felt that cold Iron in my hand I suddenly felt this energy coming up from the ground and I yelled in my deepest voice "Get out of here you curs, Get! Get!! Get!!!  Get Going!!!  Get out of here!!!"   and they retreated and ran away still yipping and howling but going North of us. 

Joe looked at me and said "Now where did that come from?"  and I said "The Coyoties?"  and he said "No, your voice and energy."  and I said "I haven't a clue."   dropped the crowbar and fell back to sleep.

This morning Joe made a good size pot of coffee and said he'd cook breakfast while I went and took a shower, I took the base ball bat with me, never know if you need to beat down a good size spider.

He put the coffee into an insulated thermos so we'd have coffee for an hour or so with out it getting burned, and talked about the Coyote event, some people who were also camping came by and we offered our coffee which they were happy to have.  The man a little younger than Joe said that those Coyote's were feeling their oats last night, must have been some young one's and we talked more about it.  The woman said if that person had not yelled at them they weren't sure what would have happened and did we know who it was that yelled at the pack, Joe and I looked at each other and said "No" and left it at that.

Because of our interupted sleep we thought we'd stay around the area instead and took a hike on the Redwood loop trail, we went over to Roaring Camp and bought tickets for the Beach train for tomorrow, then drove over to the Store to buy more ice.  Joe is grilling some nice small steaks and we are going to try Bubba Ray's Bar-B-Que sauce,  and a nice bottle of red wine.  We may turn in early tonight and hope for a good nights sleep, unless the Coyote pups come back.

Kisses Sweet Things

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