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Sunday, July 7, 2013

A tragedy at S.F.O airport~~~

Dear Sweet Things,

First to Roger Dodger,  Yes Joe and I plan to travel as much as we can as time and finances permit,  I've listed places we want to see and places we'd like to go back and see more in depth.  Already I have a photo album (yes I know old fashioned) with post cards and pictures.  It helps when we find a place like a Walgreens that does one hour photo developing, that way we have it on CD and in print with negatives.  Just another way to bore guests of our travels  (LOL). 

What I would do on our trip in the evening is put the post cards and pictures into the Album and label them, then do a brief diary of what we saw.  Again much more fun than watching Television in a Motel room.  And it is quickly organized.  Joe has looked at some of the photos and has remarked "I don't remember that, it was there?"   So there are places we will visit again.

But we did have something happen yesterday which I'm sure has been on all the news channels,  we went to the San Fracisco Airport to pick up a friend of Joe who had just flown back from the East Coast,  I was at an observation area watching the places come in, while Joe went to meet his friend Hank at a pre-arranged meeting spot.   And I saw it.

The cry and then stunned silence in my area was terrible and then people started talking, some crying, I even heard one lady praying.   It was strange because I thought something was wrong with the plane when it came in and then it looked like it wanted to climb again, I thought it had lost power then regained it, and then the back end clipped the ground, and it did a horrible slide on the landing strip, already we could see emergency crews heading towards the plane, then terrible black smoke rising, billowing to the sky, it seems like ages before the smoke turned white.   I was frozen to the ground just staring at what I saw, much like Tippi Hedren in "The Birds".

Joe and Hank came up to me, I didn't have to tell them anything, Joe pulled me away and said "Let's go, those Souls are in good hands right now".    He was right, I felt helpless but I am not a professional emergency staffer, all we could do was pray.

Hank is staying with us for a few days so he can make arrangements to go to Los Angeles, he and Joe will visit and talk but Hank said he's going to take the Train to L.A.  I in the mean time will go back to work.

Last night we ordered Chinese but hardly ate, we were glued to the Television it was a miracle, there were 309 people on board, only 2 died, 180 injured only 12 or 16 critically,  the 2 who died were Chinese Nationals but their bodies were found outside the plane which has us puzzeled, it is possible that when the tail section broke off they were flung outside the plane.   It was a Boeing 777, Hank said that they are tough planes, there was only one other 777 crash at Heathrow he thought and he thought everyone survived.

The fact that only 2 died is sad but that 307 survived is a miracle.  I looked at Joe and said "Unless its an emergency when we travel we are taking the Train"  Joe said that considering how many people are moved around by airplanes the rate of death and injuries is small, but then he looked at me and said "But Train travel is more relaxing and we can see the sights"

It will take a while for the "after image" to fade from my mind, but gently fade it will, to be a memory of a horrible event.   Now Joe is bringing me to the here and now and we have things to take care of while the Morning is cool.

Kisses Sweet Things

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