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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The possible return of "little latin lupe lu"

Well Sweet Things,

I went into work early this morning, and a good thing to, clearing away the muck of a back load,   right now my former Boss, whom I'm doing contract free lance work for is glad I'm here.

With staff taking vacations here and there, before their children go back to school, my filling in is a big help.

Yoshi came by to pick me up since she was going to see an aunt on the East Bay side of the waters, she called me earlier and I leaped at the offer,  I still take the Ferry,  Joe drops me off and I grab the bus when I return to come home, but I told him to not worry Yoshi was bringing me home.

The weather has been cool in S.F. with fog rolling over the hills and on occasion hiding the Golden Gate Bridge, but the minute we hit the Bay Bridge it starts getting warmer, even though it still is on the cool side.

While we were driving over, Yoshi said she was involved in a fund raiser for Cancer, once again a pool competition, with the proceeds to go the charity and an award to the winner as well as one year free pool table use.   I looked at her slightly rolling my eyes and said "Are we ladies going to have to wear high heels again?"  Yoshi giggled and said "yes, an impromtu dance contest for the ladies to raise more money"  and she looked at me and asked "Have you been going to the gym?"  Well of course I have, even on vacation I excersised.   But she said that it would be good to take some free style dance classes.   "Just to improve the moves and make sure all the muscels are streched".  

Oh Lord, deep knee bends or plies in high heels??!!!  Oh the thought of my aching inner thighs!!!  And then I thought....Hmmmm well they do need some toning, and it's for a good cause.  Then I thought how would Joe react to this?? And said so to Yoshi.   She replied "Well tell him about it and that its for a fund raiser and you need a body guard."   A Body Guard??!!   Well for an older man Joe has been working out and lookin' pretty good if I might say so. 

So I told him that I needed  Burt Lancaster and he looked at me and went into his Burt Lancaster impersenation, he's almost as good as Frank Gorshin, "And why, pray tell do you need Burt Lancaster?" and I carefully explained it to him.  So in the next few minutes we are going to the gym, him to tone up better, and me to make sure I will not get a leg cramp, it's a good thing to do anyway and it will be for a good cause.

Kisses Sweet Things

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