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Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm still on the prowl~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Oh yes, I'm still on the prowl, although marriage has taken up some of my time, it has not completely domesticated me.   Oh no.

After our little mini-vacation in the Santa Cruz mountains with the coyotes, (so very interesting), work has been keeping me very busy, even though now I'm a free lance contractor, but things have not been dull, other people with children taking vacations, a crisis here and there, the idiotic BART strike and now the possible threat of one.

Its enough to tick me off, and my Joe knows exactly what I need to do to let off steam, just shoot 500 rounds or so at a target or two or three and I'm back to my ususal loveable self.

In the next couple of weeks we're planning to take a trip up north to the wine country as well as a side trip to my country place, to check on things, make sure its ready for the winter,  I didn't have a chance to go there at all this Summer so I missed out on a number of things up there, but my caretakers and the historical society group have been keeping me posted,  I intend to be gone for 3 weeks just enjoying the delights that Fall can bring.

That's not to say that I've not been enjoying myself around here, I have, Mom and Dad came up for a couple of weeks and stayed at our house, taking the bus and being tourists, Joe was their guide while I was at work, and we'd get together for dinner in the evenings, even having fun playing Mexican Train Dominos,  Mom is deadly at that,  took them to the local Flea Markets and antique shops Mom of course was the big buyer and Dad looking Dapper in his Fedora and period tie and clothes, he has totally gotten into the Retro thing,  I asked him about his co-workers what do they think of it and he said that it has inspired a few of them to do Gatsby parties and dances,  seems to make the work place happier.

I know Sweet Things, how domestic, but its FUN and that is what is important.

No Joe and I have not given up on the Gun Shows but if some idiotic law makers have their way the Gun Shows may disappear if that bill passes in Sacramento.

But we did go to one this last weekend,  Joe spotted a well-balanced .38 police speical, antique, but in beautiful shape and I made arrangements to purchase a 1905 Smith and Wesson, .38 nickle plating, engraved, genuine pearl handle with a serious history provenance.  The ammo lines were unbeliveably long, and I do mean long going down one of the corridors,  at first I thought it was the food line but that only had 3 people,   so the food line would cross the ammon line and everyone knew which was which.

We were laughing at the Zombie ammo boxes and bought a couple of t-shirts that declared we were Zombie hunters, well if one can't laugh at one's self who can you laugh at.

Joe spotted something that he felt we needed on the fireplace mantel, a clock, hand made in wood, with a special secret compartment.  He bought it, I like it.  And we bought one for Mom and Dad to take down to them at Christmas.

Mom and Sis are coming back the middle of this week and are planning to go to the Vintage Expo in the City I'll be going with them, we're going both days, and Joe will join us on the 2nd day,  Then Tuesday we'll see them off to go home, they are taking the train which I think is good for Mom and Dad.

Joe is still working on one of the vintage cars but he's making arrangements with a friend of his to buy a building to store the cars in, I know which one it is, it has living arrangements upstairs so his friend can live up there, I asked Joe what sort of mis-chief is he getting into and it seems they will buy old cars, restore them and then sell them, a hobby that will pay for itself.  And he acknowledged that we really don't have enough room for what we want to do.  I said as long as the building is fire safe I have no objections.

We've joined a few organizations like the ART Deco Society, the Film Noir Society and we're looking into other things that we can enjoy our Retro-ness, we still play pool, Joe would also like to join SASS, but I fear that the things we enjoy will force us out of my home because of space constraints and I do not wish to lose my San Francisco view.   I've talked this over with Joe and he agrees, even he enjoys the view and doesn't want to lose it, so we'll also be doing a bit of house hunting, but I'm not going to give up my home here, I may rent it out for more income.   But I told Joe if he's buying a building and we eventually decided to buy another house we'll have to look into our fiances to make sure we're not setting ourselves up for a fiancial problem and he agrees to that as well.

I still enjoy my streets of San Francisco, but I do wish the rains would come to wash them down.  The Fog is returning and I'll be happier when these things they referr to as racing yachts leave the Bay.

I've been over the new bridge and although the ride is smoother I look over at the old bridge and feel a certain nostalgia for it, its grittiness, its workman looks,  they say that pieces of the old bridge will be sold as momentoes and I want a piece of it.  Joe has gone on the walkway of the new bridge and taken pictures of the old one for memories, its like an old, old friend who will eventually fade away, parts of its original use have disappeared over the years, and in a way I mourn its end, the new bridge is too sleek for me, too space age, its over all design reflects the Western span and the Golden Gate, but its not the same, I don't feel a connectedness to it.   It doesn't fit my Noir feelings.

I guess I can't explain it any better than that.

Now I need to go,  and take the Transbay bus to work,  I'm working till late tonight, fortunately Joe will pick me up so I don't have to risk the streets, Joe says there are too many crazy people loose now, maybe they are the Zombies that people are worried about.

Kisses Sweet Things

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