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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A sad end for 2011~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Some of you have asked me why did I come home early since it was my original plan to stay with my Folks for the New Years.

I saw that things were becoming a bit unsettling in my type of business and thought it best to return home and head to the office to talk to some of my clients. Fortunately things worked out well.

And in another way it is a good thing I did return early. Joe finally returned to my place after a difficult long shift. He's angry and sad at the same time.

Angry at how the "Occupy Oakland" group is wasting resources and taking those same resources away from much needed areas and both angry and sad that someone for no apparent reason, shot and killed a 5 year old boy at his parents Taco truck stand.

The suspect is an adult male, but you will have to go to to read more details, it hurts me to even think about it. A little boy who never even had the chance to go to kindergarten, who never had a chance to live a life. This is the third little child killed this year and near a food truck, that one would think would be a neutral area.

ANIMALS!!! JUST ANIMALS!!! This shows that something is so terribly wrong with our society that people without compunction can kill just for "KICKS".

Do not get me wrong, I am not anti-gun, I still believe in my 2nd amendment rights, it is not the gun----it is the Animals behind the gun, they do not have a soul, they do not have a conscience, they do not have love or compassion or a moral compass...they have just become thugs, monsters, beasts, animals and even animals have a sense of what is right and wrong.

Swans and Wolves mate for life, wolves will try to move away if possible from human contact, hawks hunt for food, killer whales hunt for food, their instincts maybe primeval but they do not kill for pleasure or just for the sake of killing. They kill for food, to defend themselves and their mating territory, to defend their herd, to protect their young. When they are in battle it is rarely to the death, because that defeats their prime directive to procreate.

Heather and I took a walk along the beach early this morning, then stopped for coffee at our favorite shop.

We talked about this sad news and coming from a college student who has to deal with other students and teachers she said an oft repeated statement "The more I know about people the more I prefer nature's animals; at least you can understand the actions of nature's animals, but the human animal, suppose to be high on the food chain, suppose to have a thinking, reasoning brain and then goes beyond disgust" and she is only 20.

Last night she and I and Lillian we're going to go to our favorite restaurant but decided to leave a bit late, Lillian loves to watch Judge Judy and the Judge had a defendant that was talking Ebonics "Like I feel ya" and statements like that, looked like and talked like he hadn't cleared out his sinuses, would yawn like he was bored with the whole thing but still tried to play the judge. The plaintiff did put together a very good case even though she did not have a signed contract, but she spoke well, answered her questions well, had enough circumstantial evidence to win her case.

This morning Heather and I discussed about what we saw on Judge Judy and the killing of the little boy, and we knew that it goes back to not enough discipline both at home and in school. And to cap it all those students going on a holiday ski trip and being found with drugs and alcohol and the Elko, Nevada Sheriff not even siteing them??!! I was surprised to hear Heather say "We are too soft, too P.C. to much sparing the rod for these little S*&#@^T's to get away with it. They should be sent to a Marine Corp basic training camp and be called and treated like the maggots they are to square them away!!"

And Heather is a Liberal, but she is changing fast. And I think that in due time the pendulum will swing that way, there can only be so much turning the other cheek, she wants to kick Ass and I don't blame her. I even showed her that I was carrying Pepper Spray, since I do not have a C & C licence, our County Sheriff refuses to even consider giving a legitimate, legal, responsible gun owner one.

The Pansy.

So today, the both end and start the New Year's right, Heather and I are going out to buy her a can of Pepper Spray. Yes Heather, I "feel ya".

All of you Sweet Things have a Happy and Safe New Year! Kisses.

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