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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Happy 2012

Hello Sweet Things,

And may you new year of 2012 bring good things to you.

What??!!! Some would say the Fabulous Diva wishing good things?? And why not? 2011, to put it bluntly for many people --"sucked"!

Unfortunately we are going to be suffering in 2012 the blitz media of the presidential political campaign. It does not matter who will be the Republican opponent, it's really going to be going with the Devil you know or the one you don't know.

I can do without the headache's really. And I'm going to lay down a rule in the office, no discussion as to who is the one to be president, but only about who is the one that has the best (we hope) financial acumen.

Last night Joe pulled the night shift so that one officer could be with his family. He just came home and is in the shower, and then he is to get into bed and sleep, all day if need be. I can entertain myself.

Last night Yoshi and I went to the Hornet for the big dance and we saw the fireworks from the ship. It was fantastic and we had a great time, we decided to dress 1940's style with gardenia's in our hair, o.k. so the flowers were made of fabric, it's the thought that counts.

And we did not lack for dance partners, one older gentleman was glad he met me, his wife had died 2 years ago and he's just getting back into the "swing of things" Dave was very nice dancing with me and Yoshi and we exchanged business cards as well. It's always a good idea to keep business cards in one's purse, you never know who your are going to network with.

Food was good, music was great, company was wonderful!

And to be on the safe side I had Yoshi stay overnight at my place, it's better she drive home during the day. We had a nice invigorating walk this morning along the beach with Heather, she brought the little "beast" Baby with her.

I have to admit Baby did look cute in his warm coat, but he did get tired so Heather picked him up and tucked him inside her jacket. Then we went back to my place and driving Lillian's van we all, including Lillian went out for breakfast, and a good thing we went early.

Heather is back with Lillian, Yoshi has just left with a promise to call me when she gets home, and I am here, having a cup of coffee, Joe just wished me a Happy New Year and now his snores are reverberating as I type.

Someones at the door...

Well I'm going to have to cut short my post, Heather made sure Lillian and Baby are comfortable, she is restless and has her camera in hand, so we are going to drive around and see what we shall see.

Which is fine, I'm feeling restless too, although I do plan on calling the Folks and wish them a Happy New Years later today.

And all of you have a happy 2012.

Kisses, Sweet Things.

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