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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Memories

Hello Sweet Things,

I have to say that this is one of the happiest Holidays I've ever had with my family.
I only wish Joe was here, but for him sometimes duty comes first and he wanted those who have children, especially to have the time with them.

Sometimes I think he misses the idea of having children, but as he says "we can do what we can to protect them".

Baby Sis and her fiance have set a wedding date, and they said they want it to be a simple wedding, nothing fancy, just close family and friends. Mom is glad that it's set for nearly a year away, yes Sweet Things, they want to get married on Dec. 31st. of next year.

At least we'll always have something to celebrate besides New Years. I think its just marvellously wicked and perfect.

Both Mom and Dad are happy and yet a bit sad, the baby will be leaving the house, but I told them while we were sitting at the kitchen table and baby Sis and Ted were out of the house, I said "Just think of the fun with the Grandchildren".

I wish Sweet Things you could have seen the sparkle in their eyes. I know Dad will spoil them. And yes I'm still here at the house with them, I won't be leaving to come home until tomorrow, all too soon.

I've been following all the news, financial, and political reports, the slight down turn is something I half expected. With the Middle East, as one of my co-workers says, you can always expect their governments to come up with something to spoil Christmas. And yes I know that is not polite to say, but one needs to be honest, it seems that something like that always happens this time of year, just when you don't want it to happen.

I am just devastated about the Ad Exec who lost her children and parents in the house fire. I can't think of anything worst than to lose family in such a horrible circumstance. The Exec was right when she said "My Life is in there!"

Both I and my parents have fireplaces, but the one thing we are very careful about when we have burned a fire is about embers, I usually let mine completely die in the fireplace with a tall firescreen around it to prevent sparks, something that Dad taught me ages ago.

Not that I would have burnt a fire with all the spare the air days, even in this freezing weather, even Dad got into the burning candles in the fireplace idea and that always works. And I have on the outside of my fireplace a trap to drag the old coals out into a metal bucket, wet down with water and leave for one more day away from anything flammable.

Dad and I took a number of walks with his dog Trixie, meeting people, looking at things, talking about things. I feel closer to him now and to Mom, but especially to him. I understand what he went through and I feel the sense of guilt that he has about his treatment of me, of Mom and of Sis.

Even though we've made amends, I sensed that this was something he might take to the grave, so I gently confronted him about that. He admitted it to me when we were walking Trixie on Christmas Eve.

I looked at that little dog that was wearing a nice little warm doggie coat and asked him "Who bought the coat?" He looked at her and said "Well your Mom mentioned that the nights were getting cold and one day we were at the pet store getting her food and treats and such and I saw this nice one, fleecy on the inside and plaid on the outside, not too fussy and I bought it. Wasn't sure she'd take to it but she did. Gets happy when I grab it first and then the leash." He smiled at me "What are you getting at?"

"Didn't you feel that when she was on your porch that you had a second chance?" Dad thought for a minute then nodded.

"Didn't you see Mom when she was soaked with water from cleaning the old refrigerator?" He nodded again.

"Didn't you tell the other fellow that was trying to date Baby Sis that she wasn't interested in him and it would be best to not pursue the matter?" Again Dad nodded.

I said to him "Dad whatever guilt you have been feeling, let it go, what was done in the past, is past, Mom, Sis and I are wise enough and forgiving enough to let it go and enjoy the new you, and work with you as well. How are your employees how do they feel about you?"

He said that they feel that they can work with him and that the company even in these bad economic times is holding its own and has even gain business, making a profit. He had to inform them that there would not be any financial raises but they did manage to get them Christmas bonuses and are hoping to add eye and hearing care to their medical benefits. They've also have created a transportation benefit for them if they switch to public transportation or create car pools which nearly all are doing. "Many of them feel that even if they don't get an increase in salary, there is a savings in other ways, they are willing to work with me, and most importantly we've avoided any layoffs."

I said to him "Would that have been truly possible with the old you?" Not as easily he admitted.

"Then let go of the guilt" I said. And we continued walking but Dad had to asked me a question. "What about you?" he said, I looked at him and replied that what he has done, kicked the monster out of the house (meaning his old church), doing things to make it better for Mom and Sis, taking me into his confidence, being proud of my accomplishments and, yes apologizing to me in his own way is the best gift one could receive and for that I forgave him quiet sometime ago.

And with that we hugged. And then all of us, with Trixie staying at home to 'guard the house' went to Christmas Midnight Mass and such a joyous feeling there was!

I'm not going into Christmas Day but it was fun! And I managed to Call Joe later in the day, he was at Lillian's grabbing some Turkey Sandwiches and such to take to eat when he'd take a break, he told me about his Christmas Eve adventures, he even played Santa Claus when he managed to catch someone trying to steal packages from a car. The thief got away, but with the commotion the kids came out. Fortunately the only thing damaged was the lock on the trunk of the car but how to explain the presents...quickly Joe said that Santa left them in the trunk for their parents to find and take into the house BUT they couldn't open them until Christmas day.

Then he told them about the NORAAD Santa Tracker and that Santa is going all over the place. The Father was happy with the save, and said he'd put the car into the garage because of the trunk lock.

At various places he'd check in and owners would give him coffee to keep him warm, he wanted to pay but they said they were giving it away to everyone. He managed to get some homeless guys to a shelter or they would have frozen up. One other was a very happy drunk who asked to be taken to the drunk tank, well better than nothing thought Joe.

He said he'd have more to tell me when I got home.

New Years he'll be pulling duty again, so I'm going to take my friend Yoshi to the Hornet for New Year's Eve, even if we have to dance together although I think there will be gentlemen who will ask to dance with us. Her niece will be staying with Yoshi's Mom, unfortunately Yoshi's Husband is over seas and will be celebrating the New Years in Japan at least he will be with some family members.

Baby Sis and Ted will be going to a 1940's Dance and have invited the Folks to go with them, I'm sure they are going to enjoy it.

I'm sure a number of you think I'm becoming old and staid but I still do wild things, just more quietly.

But for now I'm just enjoying what life brings my way, no great expectations but enjoying the ride.

Kisses Sweet Things.

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