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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Worries & Sadness~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I have been keeping both my eyes and ears glued to the media on any changes in the European economy. Because we have become global we do have the "Butterfly Effect". What happens in Europe affects the U.S., what happens in China, Japan, the middle east, Canada, South America affects the U.S.

I have continued to encourage my people to be conservative and think of their basic needs, shelter, food, medicine, health care, utilities, transportation---I know I'm over-simplifying, but I really cannot give out more information, but I can tell you this I have given as gifts, when I can purchase them, Elaine St. James' books on simplifying one's life. For my older people they have taken it to heart, and I can see that their faces are more relaxed, less stress.

On the younger ones they do not like the suggested restraints, but I've become a sort of "Mama Bear" and have told them that it will create a greater comfort level for them as they get older.

I've been doing it too, not walking so much on the wild side, I think having re-connected to my family and with Joe in my life along with Lillian's comfortable and wise wisdom and Heather's youthful zeal on things, I am finding the simple things to be so much better.

Although a bit chilly today, Lillian, Heather and I are going Christmas Tree Shopping, I have no desire to put up my "black" tree (artificial) I want a real tree. Not too big, table top size.

Lillian is going for something a little larger about 4 or 5 feet, There is a couple of lots sponsored by local churches that I know will have something just right and it benefits the church programs for the needy. Now I'm going to need Christmas ornaments, but Heather said to check Salvation Army, Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul, so I will, but the lights will need to be new.

Joe is tired, angry and sad, he knows it's not going to be a happy Christmas for one family, an 18 month old toddler was taken off life support yesterday and died. His father is a rapper and he had taken his young son to a food truck where he and some of his "homeys" were going to do a music rap video, when someone snuck up on them and spray shot at them, some where hit but the little boy was shot in the head, he had been on life support, and the doctor's told the family that all indications showed the baby was brain dead.

What frustrates Joe is that the people know who did it, they won't give up the names, and these same people complain that the police won't do anything---how can they if the witnesses refuse to at least anonymously give up names.

Joe and a number of other officers along with the chief of police were in a march organized by the community and family members in memory of this little boy to try and have people speak up and help the police stop this violence. What makes it even sadder is that the boys father will not co-operate. There is rumours of possible gang retaliation.

Between this and the expenditure of dealing with the idiots of "Occupy Oakland", law resources are spread thin. Joe said to me that the basic message of the "Occupy" groups is correct but they are going about it all wrong, and they need to be careful of doing more damage than good.

There is a petition going around to re-call Jean Quan, the question is "who would be better".

I am glad that I live were I live and not in Oakland, or Berkeley. Not that it's much better in a way, this local government has made mistakes too, not as bad as others but still I cannot turn a blind eye on things. With my work it's impossible.

But for a few hours I will think on church Christmas trees and ornaments, and getting some toys for Toys for Tots, giving food to the food bank and doing what good I can where I can.

Joe has some time off, so he is going to drive Lillian's van and help us haul some trees, tonight comfort food for all 4 of us and hot apple pie and cider as we decorate Lillian's tree.

And you Sweet Things---what kindness are you going to do to help others this Holiday Season and through out the year?


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