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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Of Hot Apple Cider & Pumpkin Spice~~~

Well Sweet Things,

I am taking a well deserved break right now. Yesterday we were busy, we found the right tree for Lillian at one church tree lot and I found mine at another. We wrapped the cut trunks in damp newspapers, but that may not insure that they will remain fresh through the holidays, so we trimmed a little off on each and put them into buckets of water and allowed them to soak until later.

Heather and I went off in Lillian's van and Joe set off to get what I call "grain lights" not LED's if possible, I find them although efficient the colors they do are too "cold". O.K. we have to be energy efficient but for the Holidays---let's splurge.

Heather and I found used in great shape ornaments at some of the thrift stores, and I found several old boxes of tinsel, but what I wanted them for was to put them up on the mantle (boxes and all) as decorations---a hint of "A Christmas Story". But my best find was an old fashioned angel, the angel is of paper but with spun glass halo's much like the kind you'd find from the 1950's, she maybe a little large for my tree but I fell in love with her.

So yesterday evening, we put the tree's up in their stands adding more water and some stuff that is suppose to help them stay "fresh" much like the stuff one adds to fresh flowers. We worked on Lillian's tree, taking our time, breaking for dinner that was slow cooking in the crock pot. A nice hearty stew with rice, and lots of vegetables, Joe complained he was eating too good, I had noticed that his uniform pants were getting a little tight in the waist. So with a promise to watch he eating habits and do more work outs especially for the new year we finished Lillian's tree.

We enjoyed looking at it, relaxing, listening to KOIT radio with their Christmas music, Heather called out for us to see the full moon, and there we were in the brisk cold looking at the full moon, Joe had his arms around me and just then Frank Sinatra came on singing "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas". We just stayed there looking at the moon, in each other's arms, listening to Frank sing, and it felt perfect, that I didn't want it to end....But eventually it had to, with Heather bringing us back into reality with mugs of Hot apple cider and a wink in her eye at us romantic "old folks".

And groaning at desert of pumpkin spice bread that Heather had baked up the day before. Lillian said that she is becoming quite the cook. But Heather confessed that there was something soothing about doing something so old-fashioned, a sense of slowing down and breathing.

I could understand that. I've been looking at things, technology in a different way, using the DVD recording device to save things for me so I won't miss them, to watch at a later time( for example Svengoolie finally showed Bob Hope's "The Ghost Breakers" and I recorded it while at Lillian's). And being more careful with check card usage.

Recently here Lucky store had their credit/debt card scanners compromised by thieves who would steal the information and then create false debt/credit cards and use them to buy things from merchants using other people's accounts. We have become so use to the convience of these cards that we as consumer's who work hard for our money are at risk.

Although I'm in the financial business, I've been taking a very hard look at things and technology and I realize that I am forced to use things to keep me abreast for my job. I've decided that for my personal use I will cut back on somethings and learn to live a simpler more organized life style. I know with Joe's job that can be impossible as he could be called into work at anytime at any hour depending upon the situation, so that is where organization and flexibility is important.

I'm fortunate that I have a cleaning lady who is so efficient that she makes my home life easier, and that I have neighbor's and friends I can call upon in a pinch. But I am looking to eventually "retire", I have an excellent income from investments and I am beginning to feel the need for "ME time". Perhaps I'll get involved in a hobby that pays for itself. Who knows, but I am glad that Heather has discovered the mental relaxation of making "pumpkin spice bread" and is already thinking in those terms.

For Joe, he's beginning to feel that way, unless something changes, he will become too burned out and it could affect his health. We've talked about this on and off. So with the new year we shall see what our options are going to be.

I know I will not abandon where I live right now, nor my job, I have some things I need to put into place, I am thinking about the long term further "down the road". And it's best to start thinking about it now or at least after the Holidays.

For now, I'll finish trimming my little tree, allow Joe to nap, check to see if this is a spare the air day and decide on wood or candles in the fireplace. Koit is playing softly in the back ground, I've made plans to visit the family, Joe will need to stay here unfortunately, he said he wants to cover some of the other's schedules so they can have time with their family, him being 'single'. It's his Christmas/Hanuka gift.

So Sweet Things, if you do not hear from me before Christmas, have yourself "A Merry Little Christmas" now, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year.


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