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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Occupy Oakland---a farce~~~

Sweet Things,

These are just two of the many images showing the damage done by the Occupy Oakland Group.

They broke into City Hall, damaged an art exhibit done by children, a history model of old Oakland City Hall, smashed the windows on the entrance doors, spray painted graffiti, burned the American, California State and Oakland City Flags, damaged and graffiti other buildings, slashed tires, and much more.

It started out as an unlawful march complete with a band, which as Joe said was peaceful enough but then the leaders turned it into anarchy, breaking into buildings and doing destructive things, because so many of the O.P.D. were trying to control them that there were 5 murders, and a robbery at a Church which they could not answer.

Joe is exhausted but he's going back out tonight on his shift, praying that no one is hurt or killed, his leg muscles are cramping up, he hardly eats, I've been insisting that he eats and keeps hydrated. His uniform is beginning to fit loose on him.

He's been in touch with other cities that have Occupy groups and they have been peaceful, but not Oakland's group. I'm so worried that he'll develop stomach ulcers, and have been insisting that he retire or go to another law enforcement agency, but he feels that if he does that he'll be deserting his fellow officers and the honest, hard working people of Oakland. He is not a quitter, but my heart breaks for him, he is killing himself.

The fact that 5 murders occurred during the Occupy event tears at his heart, he bleeds but where it never shows. Frank is also saying that Joe should rethink his options, he and other officers know what is going down, all I can do be a safe haven for Joe. And he knows it, he has several days coming up that he has to take, and he said he wants to have a serious talk with me about what he should do.

He can go to another department in another city, where my country house is they are looking for people with police experience it would be perfect for him, granted we'd be separated but I told him he could live at my country house, he wouldn't have to worry about finding a place to live. And he has plenty in for his retirement, he'd be in good shape financially. But it's his decision and all I can do is support his choices. But that "Stab a Cop" photo frightens me, Oakland is under siege and I fear for everyone there.

I don't care that Mayor Jean Quann is ineffectual, a flip-flopping mayor, I don't care that she has gone through several Police Chiefs and other City officials, she has show herself to be not a strong mayor or a strong positive leader. I fear for the working people of Oakland, the one's who are trying to make a living, going to work or running a business or are having their own property damaged by this criminals, I fear for the innocent people who are robbed and murdered because the Occupy Oakland group do NOT give a Damn about anything except to smash and destroy and encourage Hate, and killing.

If they really want to do something positive they would get and establish free legal aid for people, and offer free health care service and see about sheltering those that need help and directing those in need to agencies that can help. What they are doing is negative, harmful and destructive, it does not in anyway help the "cause" and is causing, at least around here to view any Occupy groups as a joke, a harmful, destructive joke.

But all I want is my Joe to be safe and to do what he does best, being a police officer that "Protects and Serves".

Kisses Sweet Things

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