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Monday, January 16, 2012

I bought a car~~~

Well Sweet Things,

I finally did it.

I succumbed to buying a car, a bright red Dodge Challenger. O.K. I know it is not fuel efficient as one would like, but right now I'm buying for fun, not for efficiency.

And I'll have all of you know I am being practical in other ways, I take public transportation to work or I car pool with my neighbor who also works in the City. So for 5 days a week I'm being a 'very good girl'. But on my days off----Growl Look Out!

Now I bought it weeks ago, before Christmas, so it was my Christmas treat to myself.

And the reason why I'm telling you now is some of my blog friends have been asking me why I have not bought my own car.

Well I have to confess, Joe is restoring a old car from the 1940's, and he promised it to me, he loves his bone-jarring jeep and he's rigged it up so that flaps can be put on it to keep the rain out, but that is his car and I'll ride in it when the weather is good, but in this cold?? I'd turn into a Popsicle.

And although I love the idea of driving in a period car, when I'm going to the country I'll need one for those roads.

Oh I know sweet things, but when I'm ready I'll go for efficient, maybe a Dodge caravan 6 cylinder or something, but do not talk to me about a Prius. I know more people who feel they have been taken for a ride by so called promises and it's not delivering according to the advertising.

Our weather persons are promising rain here and I know it's much needed in the mountains, we are almost 70% below normal. I hope we are not heading into drought conditions, although most of my plantings are drought tolerant.

Even though its suppose to be a holiday, I went in early to work to follow the overseas markets, they do not recognize this day. And am making sure what my agenda's will be for the week.

Joe and I have had a few hissy fit arguments of late, fortunately we've made up. We both agreed its the stress that the Occupy Oakland groups are putting on resources. They are so totally disorganized, even the other Occupy groups have official spokes people but the Oakland one is just becoming a haven for criminal elements and homeless, the Oakland group does not have the message. It is lost with them, they are just being disruptive just to be disruptive now and are down grading the message.

At least Joe and I understand what he's going through.

I'm going to be helping him put together his paperwork for his taxes, he doesn't own any property, but he does have some deductions and he's been having more taken out of his paycheck so he'll get a bigger refund. But I've been advising him to consider taking out less and putting it into a short term account so he'll get the interest then if he does have to pay at least he'll be getting the interest and not the government.

And I'm getting the paperwork ready for mine---I do not do mine I have an excellent tax accountant do it, it's one headache I do not need.

I miss the whirl of the Holidays, but really one does need a breather and I've been enjoying the weak sunshine as I walk along the beach here, it makes enjoying coffee an even greater pleasure.

I've decided to join the Art Deco Society, I'm on their e-mail list for events so to be able to get in at a discount will be very nice. I've even managed to persuade Joe to go in for a suit and Fedora, well it wasn't too hard, we had gone to see the movie "J. Edgar" at a matinee and he sort of got caught up in the style of men's clothing in the film.

Heather, wicked child that she is, recorded a recent episode of "Supernatural" in which one of the young heroes meets up with Elliott Ness. I told her to save for when Joe and I have an evening together and we'll all watch it.

Well I did tell him if he's going to restore a 1940's car he might as well dress the part when he drives it. I can just see it now with fake bullet holes put on it. He has been in touch with my future brother-in-law Ted about car restoration, I can see them collaborating on this.

I know Sweet Things this does seem like a lame posting but, really nothing much has been happening, I've seem to have fallen into a routine.

"What"? you might say "The Fabulous Diva into a routine?" Well it does happen. And I have to say there seems to be a comfortable sense to it----at least for now. The cold for some reason is forcing me to hibernate, but with the spring---well Sweet Things we'll see what will happen.


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