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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is it Love or a re-bound?

Hello Sweet Things,

I know I haven't been blogging for a while, I must confess, it has been several things keeping me busy.

First --Lillian has come down ill with a cold, she is staying at her son's house, until she is fully recovered, I've visited her and she is just as feisty as ever but that cough is bad, the good thing is that there is no fluid in her lungs, the doctor thinks it might be allergies, triggered by the cold, we shall see.

Second---I've been busy in the process of selling my other piece of property, crossing "T's" and dotting "i's" but it's moving forward.

Third ---Taxes!! Need I say more.

Fourth---I've been in touch with my caretakers at my country house and all is well I'm happy to say. I'm planning on going back up but most likely towards the end of this month.

Fifth----Work!! It is getting to the point where I need to keep my lap top with me almost all the time, and keeping in touch more often than not. One of these days I may get a moments peace.

Six----I told you how earlier this year I had an epiphany and found myself reeling over the fact that I had not mourned about my Love from years before, well----Sweet Things-----it seems that I may be in love again after all these years----it's someone that I've blogged about before and no, it is not Fram, he has found his lady and I wish him well and hope it works out well for him.

No, it's not someone from work, that would be impossible, and it's not my neighbor he is happily married and I love his wife---no----

All I can say is I'm going to go very slow on this, he seems to have the same feelings for me as well, but given the fact of his work schedule and his job, it will be hard for us to be together all the time, we have agreed to go slow, no moving in with each other, but the one thing we do agree upon is communication.

So we are taking this one day at a time, none of this high emotional stuff and then after 3 months "poof!" no, because we could easily hurt each other as well.

But I will keep you Sweet Things posted, but if you don't hear from me from time to time, well---like I said, slow process.

Kisses Sweet Things

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