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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Litte Catch Up~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I had last weekend my relaxing spa treatments, and a gun show to see, I'll post about that later tonight perhaps.

It's been warm and wonderful all this week, promises of spring, and now this is the weekend of the first day of Spring and guess what~~~~ It is cold and overcast, oh yesterday was sort of nice, but I could see the cloud cover.

Ran errands, got in touch with my Folks, made plans to go and stay with them over the Easter Weekend.

And have been shopping for a new cell phone, it will be a burberry, but I have to decide between the Curve or the Bold, and given that I'm going to need it to keep in touch with work mostly, it is going to have to be the one that will give me the most power, apps, battery life, work e-mail contact---so I seem to be leaning towards the Bold. But more investigation.

But those tiny, tiny buttons!! I need a stylus just to be able to push them, my purse is turning into a brief case.

I'm having Frank (who is much, much better) and Joe and several of their friends over this evening, it is the one year anniversary of the death of those 4 police officers who died last year, a major tragedy, we've all be contributing to the education fund for their children.

So out comes the portable fire pit, and plastic cups for wine and beer, although I think more beer than anything. It will be a small group, many of the other officers have to be on duty or have other memorial services to go to.

I'll have the Dirty Harry DVD's ready to go or the Lethal Weapon series, maybe the latter, we shall see, and I know some of them will be sleeping it off in my living room, so sleeping cots and blankets ready.

The sun keeps trying to break out, I hope it succeeds.

This has been a month of contributing to charities, The Oakland Museum Fund raiser, Girl Scouts (cookies---back to the gym), Boy Scout pancake breakfast, Firemen Pancake Breakfast (more gym time), Muscular Dystrophy (my boss needs to be bailed out---trust me it's a fund raiser), and with thinking of purchasing some new electronic equipment for work, to use at home, a possible tax right-off. Considering that I do use my home office to do some of my work at home, on weekends, in the evenings----I'm going to have a nice chat with my Tax man, have to work it out and more book keeping involved.

So the beer is chilling, the fire pit is ready, finger food waiting to be heated, I just miss Lillian, she is still not fully up to par, but from what her son told me she'll be home after Easter.

No one is going to be here until after 6 p.m. so I'm going out for a walk or a drive I'm not sure which, just to keep my head clear.

I'll post about my spa adventure later Sweet Things---I had invited Linda to join me for one later afternoon and evening and was treated to a revelation----poor thing. But that will come later.

Until Then, Kisses Sweet Things.

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