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Friday, February 26, 2010

Thoughts on a cold rainy day~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Well I did something unusual for me, I went in very early to work, did everything that needed to be done and was through by 11 a.m. and took the rest of the day off.

Why? I really don't know except that it felt that kind of day, and I really don't know why, the day was rainy, heavy dark clouds, heavy rain, wind, really not a special kind of day, but for some reason I was drawn back home and I took a walk along the beach.

The tide was high, the water choppy and a sort of green gray color, with small white caps, a few venturous souls were para sailing but not for long, the rain came and put an end to that, I kept walking away from my home, just looking out at the beach and the water, just enjoying the elemental nature of it.

There was something almost hypnotic watching the waves coming in and going out, eroding the beach a little at a time, it's like life, if you allow all the stresses and worries of your life work upon you it begins to erode you feelings of comfort, of joy, of self confidence.

But if you instead look upon those waves as if they are really wearing down all the worries instead of one's self confidence, and allow the wush, wush, wush sound of the waves lull you into a relaxed state what happens is that one's worries are eroded away instead, and you feel relaxed and in a positive state of mind.

I found myself feeling that way after watching the waves for a while, from a convenient bench, just watching them

I wish I had brought my camera but I was more in a mood to look at things as oppose to capture them on film.

There were a few hardy joggers braving the rain, as they ran along the cemented walk way above the beach proper. Eventually I got up walked some more but then I turned away from the beach when I reached the post office and headed towards the open air mall and the Starbucks, I thought it would be crowded but it wasn't, at least not yet, so I had my Hazelnut Mocha (with whipped cream) don't need sugar with whipped cream.

It's one of my indulgences, and just sat back and let my thoughts float, watching the rain come down through the window, watching the people run to and from their cars, watching a couple of students type away on their laptops.

And an older man also typing away, I wondered what he was doing---writing the great American novel? Who knows, each so wrapped up in their thoughts. The music playing was Eartha Kitt, jazz, it was a jazz mood blues kind of day.

I found myself sort of lulled by the music, the rain and the warming flavor of the coffee.

I realized I didn't want to cook dinner tonight, so finishing my coffee I went over to the China Gourmet, and ordered one of their dinner's for two to go. I knew I could heat up the left overs for tomorrow and I walked back home along the beach walk, the water sometimes looking threatening, and then the rain stopped and the clouds broke up and the San Francisco skyline looked beautiful in the late afternoon watery sunlight.

Promises of things to come perhaps.

When I got home, I started up the fire in the fireplace, put on Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, after all it is a Jazz Blues kind of day.

Kisses Sweet Things

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