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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have never had such an insane day at work, which on the whole in comparison with the other things that have been happening this week, was not too, too bad (thank GOD for back up).

But on the streets of San Francisco I think people have gone insane, or lost their collective minds, but then THIS is San Francisco!!! And I think some people have started celebrating St. Paddy’s’ day a week early.

I’m not going to go into what happened it will only get me all upset all over again.

My friends sad to say have problems of their own, understandable given the way things are now a days.

Yoshi is taking care of her sick Mother, my other friends are tied up with Family totally understandable, (although I must confess the way I feel right now I just don’t have any patience with ‘little ones’), Frank is ill with something no one wants to catch, Joe is pulling double duty (poor thing), Lillian is still out of town recovering from what she had, Thank God no pneumonia.

I am going to treat myself to a full weekend starting Friday night at the Claremont Resort and avail myself of their spa treatments, I’ve made the booking.---It’s time for me to pamper myself like the Diva I ‘think’ I am.

I’m playing my recording of Edith Piaf that I put together from other CD’s right now it’s playing “La Vie en Rose”, there are two versions by her, one more jazzy that the other, the other is a bit sadder, my homemade compilation relaxes me, although I don’t like all her songs, there are those that I like best.

And the skies of late have been sunny, although cold, trees are blooming and leafing.

Breathe deep Diva and relax, the end of the week is almost here, next Monday will be different.

Kisses Sweet Things

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