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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Hello Sweet Things,

Yes, I am still here and there and all over the place.

Why?  Well now being an independent contractor for my type of work, I've been traveling, and working long hours as well, but that's one of the down sides of being independent.

Joe is not exactly happy about it but is being understanding.  He worries about me and I can understand that.

Seeing how 2013 ended and how 2014 has started in my part of the US my feeling is that it is going to be a very crazy year,  the lack of water here doesn't help, it's going to put a serious crimp on food prices.

And Hell HAS FROZEN OVER!!!   Did you hear about that Sweet Things?  

Well Hell, Michigan that is.    I had fun with that.   So if  Pig's start to fly we will be in trouble.

But today is my day off, and Joe and I are going to a Gun Show,  one never knows what one will find, no preconceived notions or expectations, just going for fun.   And I know there will be long lines at the Ammo counters.

Last time I went it was near the food concession and I asked "Is this the line for the Food?"  and they said no it was for Ammo,  the food line only had 3 people  (chuckle).  

I have been visiting my family and I am happy that they are in good health,  Sis and her boy friend are doing well  he has his own little business and Sis has been helping Mom with her financial side of her business in vintage and vintage style clothing, Mom has branched out a little doing period suits for men or tailoring them to the gentlemen to fit just right. 

Dad is doing well and is in good spirits, he'd like me to come down in a month or two to help him go over some papers,  he has discovered he is having a bit of vision difficulty, and his eye doctor said that Dad is developing cateracts,  so he may go in for surgery to remove them, he's a good canidate for it, his health is good, so we'll know eventually when the date will be set.

Joe and I are still looking for a house that's a bit larger than my place, but I think I'll rent my place out for a while before I consider selling it.  The house that I would have liked was taken off the market by the owners who decided not to sell. 

I still see my friends and we all try to get together,  we're planning to get together for Chinese New Year like always, and Joe and I plan on going to the Film Noir Festival in S.F.

We've been to my country house and it's holding up well, but I think this year it's going to need to be painted, I'll ask my care takers who would be good for the job.  Renting it out for weddings and small events as well as having the college use it for education is working out very well.   The local Historical Society still meets there when it's small meetings,  there has been talk of having fund raising tea parties there to help preserve other historical places,  so I'll need to go up for those meetings.  But I don't see any problem about it.

My traveling has slowed down quiet a bit, its either for work, to my folks, or my country place, Joe says I need to travel for fun.  So I need to think on that, some place we can go together, and enjoy.

Now Joe is teasing me, time to grab some coffee and a nosh then to the Gun Show.

Kisses Sweet Things 

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