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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Complet Upheaval, major changes and a whole new world~~~

Well Sweet Things,

I think you thought I'd vanish, in a way I have.

There has been such changes in the last few months I'm still in a whirl.

Joe and I realized where is the perfect house.  And its the one right across the street from my parents that was being rented out.

I'll try and clear the confusion, this house is one my Dad purchased ages ago, fixed it up and rented it out, and he did this with other properties as well.

Last year Dad decided to deed over the properties to be divided fairly between myself and Sis with us receiving the monies from the rents---which went to repairs and taxes etc.  Dad did keep several for himself as income since they were paid off, and when he passes on they will be used as income for Mom.

Well the house that would be perfect for Joe and I is one of the rental one's and the people who lived in it, decided to move back east to be near the wife's family, so when their lease was up it simply went on a Month to Month and then they'd let Dad know when they were going to completely vacate it.

2 months ago Joe and I went over to the house, when we were visiting my folks, simply to find out what the family's status was, they were glad to see us because although most of their stuff was boxed and stored at a storage unit, they still had large items to go into a U-Haul truck later in the month but they wanted to show what they thought were concerns on the house.

Any house has wear and tear, and they wanted to be totally upfront with everything, and really in the grand scheme of things since they'd been living there for 12 years, naturally there'd be wear, so we went over everything carefully and said that Dad would go with them through the final walk thru.

Later that evening Joe said to me "Do you know that house is really what we're looking for."  And he was right.

We talked it over with Dad and Mom and they are thrilled at the idea of our moving in.

Ahh you ask, but what about everything else?  Joe's friend offered to buy out Joe's half of the property that they were doing the cars in.  We will get car transports for Joe's cars, and that will take a little time,  my house I'm going to be renting out to my friend Yoshi, she and her husband have been renting an apartment in Concord but it was so far away from work and Yoshi's Mom, so that my house would be a perfect answer, close but not too close, with several modes of transportation to the City.

I am keeping the Country property I love it too much to give up.  And we will continue to travel to it from time to time.

Joe has decided to completely retire, he has enough funds, and so do I, I'll be quitting my job as well.

Joe and Ted will be working on a car restoration work mini-business, I'll be helping Mom and Sis with their business, Dad will be busy doing the book keeping and paper work---Yes Dad is retiring  and Joe and I will be there when Dad has his cataract surgery to help out while he recovers.

I'll still be helping Heather with her education, I'm not so worried about her as she seems to be recovering from the lost of her grandmother and has a young man in her life, she has been selling her works and getting free-lance work while she is going towards her degree and pursuing a career in the field she wants to be in.

And in a way I'll still be traveling and Joe will be with me, Yes we have an Airstream trailer, and we're going to use it to look for items for Sis and Mom's business, patterns and things. 

We'll be looking into possibly a re-sale license to sell at various shows, or offer things to dealers for their shops. 

But will I give up the City?  No, it and the Black Bird, Sam Spade, the fog, the whole Noir of it will always be with me.  We will travel back and forth between my parents home and here, but now we will be in control of our lives, living our lives as we want to live, and enjoying it. 

At bit Retro, a bit Noir, maybe a bit Mad Men, but still our own  Fabulous lives.

I do not know when I'll post again, but I could not leave all you Sweet Things hanging, and dear Fram, I hope you are as happy as I am.

Kisses Sweet Things

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Fram Actual said...

Thank you, Diva, for thinking of me.

Remember, I am the "happiness is momentary" guy. Moments come and go, and I look forward to more coming than going. I am happy for you, though, and hope your life "beyond the Bay" will work out well for you and everyone in your circle of family and friends.

Since it has been a while, I might mention two things: I finished a biography of Raymond Chandler by Tom Hiney a few months ago and would recommend it to you. Also, I am not quite a member of the "gun of the month" club, but close to it. My latest acquisition is a Glock 30S (.45 acp), on which I have placed a tactical light and will be dropping off at a gun shop to have ghost ring night sights installed. This, too, I would recommend to you. If it is a bit too large for your hand, you can give it to Joe for Christmas.

No matter how long you are absent from your blog, I know you will be back to it now and then and I will expect updates on your life in the months ahead.

Take care and stay safe, Diva. No matter where you might be living or traveling in your Airstream, I will always think of you walking down a foggy, San Francisco street arm-in-arm with Philip Marlowe or, maybe, Sam Spade.