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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

JFK, windstorms and Thanksgiving~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Again I'm being neglectful to my blog, now that I'm a contract player so to speak I'm more busy.

Right now I'm posting from my parents home, yes Sweet Things I'm back home for Thanksgiving and this time Joe is with me.

We're "bunking" in Mom's sewing room for privacy ;)  Dad purchased one of those inflatable mattresses so we do have comfort, but most of the time we are around the house, or taking Mom to a special shop she want to see, and also getting last minute things for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Dad has invited a few friends from his work who have no place to go for Thanksgiving and they are going to watch the games while Mom, Baby Sister and I are cooking the dinner.

The house feels very warm and welcoming now, each time I come back I am amazed at its transformation.

Dad told me that he's planning to retired in 2015,  I was surprised to hear him say that but he said that the numbers are right, he'll have a good medical plan in place, by that time my Sister will be married, and he and Ted have been doing a bit of Antiquing business on the side and he helps with the book keeping for Mom's business as well.  It seems that things Retro are pretty popular right now. 

Again I was concerned about his health but he said he's fine, he's just lining up "his ducks" and wants to relax a bit,  he did say that he will be doing some work with the firm on a part time basis.  But the major decisions will be left to others, he's already training a couple of staffers to take over, but he admitted it would take at least two years for them to know all the little "glitches" that could come up, that is why he'll still be working part time for a while.

Mom is happy about the idea, I asked aren't you worried about Dad being underfoot, and she said not a bit, he's helped out with figuring costs for her little business so she'd be able to charge a fair price.

I'm happy for them.

The other evening we talked about JFK, I wasn't born yet when he died, but Mom and Dad remembered it vividly.  I asked Dad to some day write down his feelings about that Day, and Mom too,  Dad said to me that when JFK died, the world changed, had lost its innocence, the concept of conspiracy theories began, but what he said was the worst feeling was that if someone could kill the President, then no one in the world was safe, he told me that it made his own father a harder person, a more controling person, and now he was thankful that the "church" that he was a member of at the time, did not go in for suicide like the Jim Jones cult.

Maybe, he said that is why programs and events and organizations are so into exploring the past, preserving it, maybe that's why a number of people long for a simplier, easier to understand time.  I said that it's like that title of a show  "Stop the World I want to get off!"   We reach a point in our lives where we've had enough and re-act by going backwards.  It made sense.

Dad had asked me if the windstorm in my area had done any damage and I said yes, trees uprooted, property damaged, power lines down.  We were fortunate this time, I didn't have a tree invade my living room like the last time.  But we did see things flying all over the place,  I found someone's beach towel smack up again my front door, and Heather and her parents were laughing they found some ladies bras (several) among their plants,  but still 2 people died in my area and a huge Eucalupytus Tree had fallen over near Lake Merritt,  Joe and I had driven over to see it and take pictures, it was huge.  And then we went and had breakfast at our favorite retro dinner Lake Merritt Bakery, it had re-opened after a fire.

I told Joe that I'm seeing too many changes and it was beginning to frighten me, the old bridge gone, that tree at the Lake and other places, Joe took my hand and said to me "That is why finding speical places are important, being a part of something historical is important, being better behaved people as a proper example to others is important.  Guiding young people to learn skills that all the eletronics cannot teach is important."   and I felt safe.

And now Mom is saying that I have to take her to the fabric store, she is still working on a bride's veil and the bride will be coming over this evening she wants crystal drops here and there on the veil.  The image is of a Snow Queen.  And the wedding gown is a masterpiece of velvet and soft heavy satin with crystal drops.

So to the store we go.

Kisses Sweet Things

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