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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Characters of San Francisco "Tales of the City"~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I have been busy with work, and life, I'm trying to make a serious decision about quitting my job.   Not that there is anything wrong with my job or the company I'm working for or the people I work with.  They are all wonderful.  But I've been considering having "ME TIME".  I have a very good independent income, I don't really have to worry about a depression, ression or whatever.

My needs and wants have been simplified by many things, I'm just thinking about making a move, not out of the bay area, but just "finding myself".  But I think after todays events leaving my job might be a good thing.

Joe is doing fine, so is my family, so are my friends.  So it's really within me, Joe said he will support any decision I make, because even he feels the same way as well as a number of his friends.  Perhaps I'll become involved in an organization dedicated to preservation, or go into a business for myself, I really don't know but I have time and plenty of funds.  So I'll think upon it.
I’ve been scanning the news and there is so much to consider and rant about I don’t know what to chose from, I think I would prefer local news, after all we all know what is happening and not happening that should happen nation wide and internationally.

Work has been a “bit insane”, my friend Yoshi and I, as well as several others feel that with our strange weather cool in San Francisco but blazing everywhere else, it brought out the ‘nut cases’ or as I prefer to call them “51/50’s”.  (Frankly I think anything will bring out the 'nut cases')

There were just too many incidences to even begin to tell you,  early this morning there was this man who said Yoshi was staring at him when she was really looking at me as we grabbed a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee stand this morning; of course this man was never in Yoshi’s line of sight as he was standing 5 feet behind her, then this crazy fellow said “everyone-is-staring-at! ME!’ so I said to him with an evil look on my face and in my best strange voice  “You better watch out, "   then I tilted my head and said to him ala Boris Karlof ‘they’re coming to get you Barbara’” and gave him my best wide eyed zombie star.

(I soooo loved the original “Night of the Living Dead” the one in black and white)
Well he spun away from me as if the demons from hell along with Cerebus were chasing him down the street.   We laughed when he  ran away. Ahhh but dear sweet Yoshi said “It can’t get worse.” It did.

 Several of us went out for an early lunch from work and this one man right off the street comes to our table accusing my fellow co-worker John of impersonating a police officer, and poor John was dressed in a business suit.  He kept ranting at John so I told John ignore him, and we pretended he didn't exist, the man kept yelling at John and we continued discussing what we wanted on the menu, until the wait staff brought a uniformed police man to our table who escorted him out.

But the finishing touch came this afternoon we were finishing up things early at work when there was a commotion just outside our conference area, we stopped what we were doing and went out into the main area and was surprised to see this naked man (not the same one from this morning) wearing only tennis shoes (they may have been Michael Jordan’s’) and a idiotic smile on his face, running through and around the office area, generally was frightening the younger women, then he made the mistake of bouncing up to me.

Ahhh sweet things I can be soooo evil; he stopped in front of me (which was his 2nd mistake, his first was being naked), I suspected he thought that I would blush or scream, but instead I slowly looked him up and down,  in my best imperialist manner and with my well-manicured nail, pointed to his shriveled magic wanger and said “Is that all you’ve got? That IS pitiful.” And laughed.

It was enough to totally throw him off stride so that Security captured and handcuffed him; I never saw such a deflated look on a persons face. After Security marched him away, to be arrested by the Police, Dan came up to me and said “Remind me to never get on your bad side.”
One staffer asked if they were doing a re-run of the “Bay to Breakers” run, I could only shake my head thinking that there maybe something strange  in S.F drinking water., Yoshi, reminded of the "Bay to Breakers" remark  told me that she was thankful that she seldom goes to see the Bay to Breakers Run, at first she enjoyed it for the clever costumes, and interesting floats, but after seeing 3 naked, overly fat men running who were in serious need of a Richard Simmons intervention, was enough to give her nightmares for weeks and swear off French fries. Poor Yoshi, all those jello rolls of fat ala Homer Simpson, I'm getting a queasy feeling thinking about it.

BART was running slow, there were some problems on one of the track lines, I overhead that there had been a shooting or a stabbing at one of the stations, it seems like something is happening at one of the stations,  if not some deranged person, then a suicide or Occupy S.F. or Oakland or a fire.
I was grateful to get home early, and relax for the weekend.  And thinking what to do for dinner
I just set my things down when I heard a noise just outside my door, opening it I discovered my elderly neighbor Lillian had dropped one of her shopping bags, fortunately it only contained can goods, so I helped her get her things into her home and told her to sit down while I put things away for her. She's lying down now on the couch resting, I took her blood pressure and it's good,  Baby the little beast is lying next to her.

She's invited me to dinner since Heather is visiting a friend,  and her slow cooker has made her wonderful stew, so I promised I'd be back to cook the rice,  after I do a mini-catch up on my blog.  Sweet Things I just love her zest for life, her overwhelming desire to learn new things, her mind just as sharp as ever.

And I know she is going to love my version of "Tales of the City", I just hope she doesn't laugh so hard that her drink doesn't fly up her nose, that would disasterous, but then I know she'll tell me an uproarious tale when her husband was on the Police force.  I'm looking forward to that.

So now I'll finish my blog, and look out my window to  the City by the Bay, and think upon all the characters that make up the City; about Mr. “they’re staring at me” and “the naked runner”, Millie the 85 year old woman who takes Polaroid pictures of people, the twins so identical to wearing the same outfits, the Bush man, Tommy the escape artist who escapes out of chains at the cable car turn table at fisherman’s wharf, the old man who rides the cable car playing “Camp town Ladies” on his harmonica while his dog ‘sings’, the elderly lady whose dog carries her purse (her dog is a Rottweiler ), Judy the Hooker who wears hot pink Daisy Dukes’ even though she’s 70 years old, and so many more, each one who does something to be distinctive in a gray city, to break out of the drabness of the world.

Each has their own niche, painted upon the psychic canvas of the City, some to be remembered for a long, long time, some who will become distant faded memories, like Emperor Norton, but all not quite forgotten as long as there is at least one person to remember them.

And now my sweet things dinner at Lillian's, a fun chat then to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream, sweet dreams to all of you.

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