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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aurora, Colorado

Sweet Things,
I am horrified at the shooting that occurred in Aurora Colorado. From what I have been able to gather the shooter must be insane, may have never been in his right mind for a long time but over the years learned to cover his mental state very well.

Much like other serial killers, but he was a brilliant student, perhaps too much so, and then reached a point where he over reached himself and being without a mental safety net felt to be a complete failure. Since his field was to be neuroscience, it is possible that he thought this to be the ultimate science experiment.

Because of his mental state he may be found to be guilty by reason of insanity like the Unabomber and spend the rest of his life writing his “ultimate thesis” in solitary confinement.

He could legally buy guns because he was so under the radar that there was only one “blip” on him, a ticket for speeding. He never had a psychiatric evaluation and based upon the laws of the law was fit to purchase weapons.

Only two people realized that he was unfit, but because they were so wide apart and for them isolated the two parts were never fitted together as a warning although one of them could have warned someone.

That was his Mother, the first words she said was “that’s my son, I have to go there” (I’m paraphrasing) she knew, she knew something wasn’t right.
The other person was a gun club owner, the shooter had applied to become a member, the owner called to leave a voice message about the orientation meeting they have to have before being finally accepted although his application said that he didn’t do drugs or was involved in any criminal activity. But when the gun club owner heard the shooters outgoing message, he described it as “bizarre, guttural (freaky)” he left two messages but told staff to watch for this person at the orientation meeting (which the shooter never attended) and to Not permit him membership---he was rejected because of bizarre behavior.

But the two persons never connected---the Mother most likely thought her son was under pressure, the gun club owner thought he was dealing with a nut case that wasn’t going to show up. But why oh why didn’t the parents question $15,000 dollars worth of purchases. Where did he get the gas canisters?

Joe feels that the shooter had been planning this for some time even before the two months that he got his guns, and ammo, he was already insane long, long before the shootings. Why did he leave the PhD program, because he thought he’d be killed or arrested? I think so.
Both Joe and I feel that even with all the laws in place and if all the gun control laws were working this shooting could Not have been prevented---it was going to happen one way or another.
The shooter was brilliant but insane, like the criminals in the Batman films all of them brilliant but insane. The most brilliantly insane one---The Joker.
And with that this shooter slipped into his insane world, he’ll never come out of it.
Heather and I went to the blood drive that was being held in a nearby church yesterday, it was the least we could do.

But I was feeling woozy and light headed when I returned home, I had been working so hard these last few weeks at work because of all the uproar in Europe and the Middle East, I felt I was living in my office. Now with Syria’s situation things are going to be very tense.

Joe got off duty and took pity on me and picked up dinner for us, and insisted that I eat. I felt like I wanted my mind to be numb so he surprised me with Season 88 and 89 of the “New Mission Impossible”, with fans on rotating their coolness (I don’t have air conditioning in my home, not needed for this area) and chilled Crystal light lemonade, he indulged me, he does know what I want.

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