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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Major Happy Decision~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

As you can see I have not been blogging for a while.

These last few weeks I’ve come to a decision and have decided to quit work, I have a very good income from my investments and a very loving man at my side.

What brought about this decision was recently I began to experience rapid heart beat, brought upon by stress. I value my health too much to jeopardize it.

No, I’m not going to desert Lillian or her great grand daughter; I will continue to live in my Bay Area home, enjoy my friends and my family. I will use my Home as a base of operations and watch my own personal investments and really ENJOY life.

I will take the train to visit my parents, baby sis and her future husband, I will continue to drive up to my country home and enjoy its own peace and pleasures. I’m planning on converting it to a historic home museum that can have caretakers living in it for years and years to come, it has serious historic value and I’m going to make sure it and the land around it can never be developed, to preserve its bucolic peacefulness forever.

I’m young enough to be able to make these decisions and to enjoy everything and everyone around me.

Joe has also made that serious decision as well, he is in the process of retiring from the force, he feels that it’s time, he’s fed up with the stupidity of politics and wants to focus his talents on finding missing children, he is going to be joining a private investigation firm. Frankly I’m happy for him. I was worried about the invisible target on his back every time he went on duty.

He will always keep his contacts with the force; even some of his friends are considering retirement as well and for the same reason. If we decide to move up to the country there is a possibility he can join part time the sheriff’s office up there.

This decision was really not hard to make, but it took something like being in the hospital for nearly a week and tests to discover what was wrong to help me make up my mind. No it is not congestive heart failure, it’s just stress. That I can assure you.

I will regret leaving my position at my work, but I know in my heart and mind it is the right decision. I cannot do it quickly as I have to set up things so that others can carefully take over for me. But it is the right choice-----

Because it’s now time for ME TIME.

I’ll most likely be blogging here sporadically, because I’m going to be busy enjoying life. I may even help out Mother and Baby Sis, looking for things and patterns, Hmmm never know what will develop.

Not really a bad decision to make.  I will not desert my City by the Bay, nor my search for "The Black Bird".  It's just that things have taken a turn that was slightly unexpected, but not unwanted.

So for now, to all of you Sweet and Darling Things, get out there and enjoy life, yes be careful, but enjoy life.

The Fabulous Diva is discovering the Simple things in life and feels so much better.

Kisses Sweet Things.

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