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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot in the Country, cold in the city

Hello Sweet Things,

Once again it's Friday the 13th OOOOooooooo (scary sound), and I can happily say that nothing so far (knock on wood) bad has happened.

I made use of my long weekend off and went to check my country property and it is fine, but everything around the property is dry, dry, very dry.  My caretakers and I did a lot of brush clearing to make sure there would be defensible space and I am so glad I had the underground sprinkler system installed, it will help keep the grounds wet enough.  

But with a determined fire even that may not be enough to hold anything off.  The goats have been very helpful in keeping a lot of undergrowth under control, and all the milk they produced too.  My caretakers are also small holding farmers, in exchange for living on the property and taking care of it they can raise and sell crops and small farm animals and they are working in conjuction with a 4 H program and our local historical society working together to show what and how an old fashion farm works.

I was surprised to see a cow added to the stable as well as two horses, they told me that some of the fields are plowed using the horses when they do demonstrations.  There was something very comforting to see these two horses, Billy Jo and Bobby Jo  in the corral.  Buddy the dog goes right up to them and sometimes will fall asleep right in either one or the other's stall and they seem to like his company.

Fortunately I do not have to pay for any of their vet bills my caretakers are taking care of that.

But I went over with my caregivers a plan of evacuation in case there is a serious fire.

It has been very warm at the country place and I am so glad that the fire near Colfax is far, far away. 

Waking up in the morning to a rooster crowing, then having breakfast in the kitchen while a hen comes wandering in from outside looking for bits of bread crumbs, not being content with the feed and bugs she might find outside.

Sunday we went to the store and bought boxes of jars for canning, not that I'll be around to do the canning but my caretaker's wife is going to be doing it along with a number of the 4 H youngsters,  but then again I just might run up here just to get involved.

And now for this last week I've been back at work, a heavy marine layer has been making San Francisco the coldest city during the Summer, in a way I don't mind it, having two places to stay helps me balance my mind and my energies.  

I went in early to work today, just blasting through the paperwork,  taking the ferry home, now at this computer relaxing.   Joe will be off duty in a little while if he's not overloaded with paperwork, and I don't feel like cooking, hmmmm I guess it will be take out tonight and a fireplace burning to keep warm, unless it's a spare the air night, I'll have to check.

I've not had a chance to do much traveling so far this year, work and things have kept me home mostly, the family is doing well, so I hope to be able to go down and see them in a month or two,  and I'll take the train, my favorite mode of travel.

Hmmm I thought I was going to be wicked, devilish and instead I've become a homebody,  maybe.   Maybe it's time to see about going through the streets of San Francisco, in search of the elusive black bird, maybe it's something else,  I think I'm restless again.  I shall have to do something about that.

Do you like the picture,  sometimes Buddy the Dog can be like that.

Kisses Sweet Things

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