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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Doings~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I'm posting from my parents home, took the train down here on Thursday.

Mom and Baby sis left on Monday by train to get things back on par. Dad missed them a lot.

I had hoped he would be able to come up and visit but several of his staff were ill, flu, so he's been putting in extra time.

We are going to make sure that he does take this whole week off to rest, his co-workers are back and have taken up where Dad left off, so this is a good thing.

We went to early mass this morning, so wonderful. And for once I was not wearing black or very dark colors, but tropical coral and yellow with splashes of green and white, it had me thinking of taking a trip to Hawaii, which I might do this year.

Baby sis looked wonderful in her pale yellow and spring green dress with matching hat, Mother made them just as she made my outfit and Mom looked so dignified and graceful in her dress of spring green with pale yellow trim and matching hat.

She is even sewing up gloves, said she had to master that skill, she had bought some old gloves that looked good but had serious moth holes that made them un-usable, so she carefully took them apart and designed the pattern.

Now that Dad has been home and sleeping regular hours he looks refreshed. We just had pastry, coffee and juice for breakfast, and won't have dinner until early this evening. Ted is with his folks right now and they will join us in a few minutes.

Mom has packed a light picnic lunch in case we get peckish and we are all going for a drive in our Easter outfits in just a few minutes, where too I'm not sure, but Dad will be driving one of Ted's vintage and Ted will be driving his other vintage car, we'll stay in touch via (cell phone) but Ted and Dad want to take us for an old-fashioned Sunday drive and damn the high gas prices, Ted's folks are also dressed up vintage style as well and although it's a little chilly we'll be fine. No rain and plenty of sun. Even Trixie the dog is coming.

Lillian and Heather are with Heather's folks for their Easter gathering.

I felt bad leaving Joe behind but he's not retired yet, although he's started the process, it will take 3 months to complete all the paperwork to get his benefits and retirement pay. So he's covering for an officer with family that has family coming to visit. He said to go and see the folks, when he gets off duty he'll join Lillian and Heather later so he won't be alone.

I've been so busy with work and family that I've not had a chance to sit down and post, but I have to say I'm doing well. Joe, Heather and Lillian are doing well and so is my family. Mom's little business is keeping her busy just enough to make life interesting without overwhelming her.

The Vintage Fashion show was wonderful, Mom and Baby sis made some excellent contacts and found some beautiful things as well as dress patterns.

Things in my little home town have been upsetting, that maniac who killed 7 students at that private university, the grandson of a respected retired city council killing a elderly man the grandson is a paranoid schizophrenic had really gone off the deep end as they say. A fire near my house that killed the home owner and his dog. And of course power outages caused by birds and a Mylar balloon.

It was interesting reading the 'tweets' one of them said "boom+power out+police sirens=zombie invasion?" but the news paper said that no zombie invasion was on the police log. I have no idea what is this thing about zombies unless it's the way people feel that is what the world is coming to.

I can hardly wait for the weather to get warmer, I need to go to my country home although things are going well my caretakers would like me to see things personally and the historical society wants to rent the house and grounds for a special event in July, so I'll have to go up in a week or two and I have a new car! And Joe is fixing up the old one for me to drive around town.

So much happening and so much to do. So much to comment on and think about.

But right now Dad is calling for me to "get off the phone" as he calls it. Right now when he said that I felt like a teenager---what a good feeling!

Kisses Sweet Things.

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