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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

I'm here at my country home, snow and cold but I'm enjoying it.

I've had a chance to see the new handicapped ramp that's been installed, the Historical Society board members are glad that I've installed it. And a member of the society who is wheelchair bound volunteered to try it out and it met with her approval.

The feedback that I've received is that they enjoy holding their meetings in my home, than in the dreary meeting area that's now being fixed up.

So I've been asked if it's possible to hold their meetings there on a more semi-permanent basis, my caregivers who are members at large with the group have told me they have no problem with it, but since it's my home, it's my decision.

Frankly with the liability agreement in place I see no harm, bit by bit the place is slowly looking like itself back in the 1880's so maybe they should meet here.

So I'm spending the weekend here, and driving back Tuesday morning. The silence here is amazing, I do feel like I'm in another world, and it's healing.

They are holding a Valentine's Day Dance tomorrow night at the Hall, and Sunday is a Valentine's Breakfast at the Firehouse, proceeds to go to Haitian Relief.

I've also been in contact with my renters at my other house and they are in a position to buy the property from me, that sounds good, as much as I like the other house I'm not as bound up in it as I am with this one, I'll work the details out with my lawyer who handles real estate law.

I'll make a little profit, not much, just enough to pay off any capital gains tax. And then I have to figure out a way to re-invest my money.

A strange thing happened earlier this evening, a stray dog was on the front porch when I arrived, I thought that maybe my care takers had adopted one but that was not the case, they never saw it before. Poor thing just as they opened the door he went in like a flash and settled himself in front of the fireplace.

Once we got the situation about the dog cleared up, we didn't know what to do, so I said "let the poor thing sleep in the kitchen for now well figure it out in the morning, it seems house broken, asked to be let out and then came back in.

It appears to be a shepard mix he has the shepard head and ears and the long tail, large body but his hair is longish and brindle colored, we don't have the heart to take it to the animal shelter, so we'll post a found ad in the papers, maybe someone will claim him. In the mean time I'll take him into the vet for a check up and maybe any shots that might be needed. No collar, no tags, but there might be a chip embedded. We can hope.

Josie, one of my caretakers, found a nice thick clean old blanket and a bowl for water, he ate good tonight, some beef stew and rice, but he's not getting real beef all the time, he's getting Alpo tomorrow or something, I'll see what the Vet recommends. He may even know the dog.

Right now he's lying at my feet while I type, on occasion he gets up to see where Josie or her husband is. I think he's trying to figure out who is the "pack leader", he knows that Josie is the food maker.

It's strange but I feel sort of protected with this "big boy" around. I hope we can find his owners.

Now I feel tired, so to bed, and sleep to unravel the cares of the world.

Kisses Sweet Things

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