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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Hello Sweet Things----

Did you miss me? Well if you didn't I hope you all had a wonderful, fantastic 4th of July and that your Summer is going very, Very well.

I'm Happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!! If I was any more Happy I'd be over the Moon as some people would say.

Alright----Why am I Happy----It's because I had the most wonderful visit with my family!!

Some people have doubts about miracles----I no longer have those doubts----they can happen---when they are meant to happen.

Once again I decided to take the train down and I'm so glad I did---there is nothing like riding on the train.

They met me at the station and going home was just wonderful---fortunately my Mom knew that I was tired from the trip, but there was so much Dad and I wanted to talk about---but Mom wisely knew that I had to get some rest---but I insisted on taking the evening walk with Dad and little Trixie and we managed to do some "catch up".

Dad and Mom are more relaxed and happy and they seem comfortable with themselves now, nothing up tight and baby sis---well Ted IS her "Boyfriend" I like him too, I think they are a good match for each other.

Mom has her little sewing venture going, and she is enjoying herself---she did this wonderful bias cut gown and a simple cap-crow wedding veil for this young lady, fortunately no brides maid dresses, such a knock-out was the dress---Mom said she's going to do one for me as an evening gown in this deep jewel blue color with a matching wrap----I'm floored.

We were all in the 4th of July parade---Ted entered his Buick and we were all dressed 1950's style as if we were going on a picnic---well Mom had packed a big picnic lunch for after wards. So we rode in his car in the parade---he won 3rd place.

And he's moved his entire car rebuilding into Dad's garage---I asked Baby Sis if she objected to him working on old cars and she said "I know were he is on the Weekends and in the evenings---sometime I have to chase him home to his parents so they will remember what he looks like."

Sis and I were like school girls in our bedroom, talking about things---when she told me again about how Dad had the old church sermons moved out of the garage, she said and even I feel it too---like a huge hidden monster has left.

Even though Dad had to work a few days the following week after the 4th of July we managed to squeeze some things in, Mom, baby sis and I went to a few vintage shops to look for things and baby sis has taken up crocheting, she looks for the old patterns and Mom shows her what some of the wording means.

Baby sis still has another year of college, she is concerned if there will be any jobs for her, she said "If I have to I'll take out a small business loan and start my own business---I have some ideas" she feels that within two years the economy might begin to even out, she also might go back to college for her master's degree, Ted is going to be getting a Masters in business management next June.

It's good to see their optimism---Ted has already fixed up two of his cars and sold them for a profit---the last weekend before I returned home--Ted showed up with this flat bed truck that had extra seating in the cab and said to us "Wanna come along?" So Sis and I sat in the back with Mom and Dad up front and we went out into some back road that I didn't know existed and met up with this old man who was clearing out his brother's house---and what we found!!

And old model T Ford---I looked at it and even Dad remarked "It's a basket case" but Ted was enthused about it---so we got it on the truck and then, the old man took us through the house, well Mom couldn't refuse a lot of stuff that the old man said he was going to throw out---to him it was just junk, but I saw the gleam in Mom's and baby sis's eyes--- so we put a lot of stuff inside the body of the model T and went out again the next day and brought home another huge truck load of things----

And baby sis confessed to me that she got a vendor's re-sale license---she's been taking things to the "flea market" and doing very good---I turned to Dad and asked him if he knew about this and he replied "Who helps her load and unload the car and then takes a snooze on the fold up recliner?"

And she still pulls in great grades---

And more than that---which is why I have such a smile on my face when I think about them.

But I haven't been letting the grass grow under my feet either----Lillian has me helping her tomorrow in a dog washing event at our local Pet Food Express store---for each dog washed---all the proceeds will go to buy body armour for K-9 police dogs---it's being held at all the Pet Food Express shops---some people will come in and wash their own dogs but we'll help the senior citizens and the disabled wash theirs.

The body armour for K-9's is $1,200 each---K-9's are also sworn police officers but they do not have medical benefits it has to come out of the officer's pocket and the police department does not provide body armour, nor do they have a retirement program for aging police dogs.

This is a very worthy cause and if anyone wants to send a donation this is the address------

WSPCA "Cover Your K9" Fund

P.O. Box 620629

Woodside, CA 94062

Now this is for California---

Any of you who reads this that are out of state---contact your local SPCA and find out if they have a similar program and how you can donate to it.

And Lillian is not letting me rest on Sunday either---she is a member of several historical preservation programs and on Sunday, I'll be dishing out ice cream at an ice cream social being held at the Historical Shinn House, proceeds to help preserve the house and buildings and grounds.

So it seems my weekends are getting booked up on my "dance card".

Frank and Joe have been offering to help out as well, and Lillian has "roped" them in.

And how is your summer shaping up sweet things?

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