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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Happy yet Sad Day~~~~

Dear Sweet Things,

This day was both happy and sad for me, happy in that Lillian and I were part of a very successful fundraiser for K-9's and sad as well because we lost a beloved part of our life.
This evening I talked to Dad over the phone, he needed someone other that Mom or baby sis to talk about the passing of Walter Cronkite.
I could understand his feelings, he said "Mr. Cronkite was the only news man I felt I could trust when reporting the news, I feel that a part of my life is gone." I can understand that.

Although we didn't have a television in our family home(which will soon change), if Dad was visiting one of his church members and the news was being broadcasted he'd only watch it if Walter Cronkite was reporting.
I missed his CBS years although I did have a chance to see his news specials and I managed to come across video copies of his reporting of the Kennedy Assassination and the Moon Landing.

I think that if I had seen him in his "Hey day" I think I would have majored in journalism instead of business finance and investing.
He presented a demeanor in journalism and reporting that was both calm and as unbiased as possible. A quality that many journalist strive for. He set the bar that all people should try to achieve.

I find it very ironic that he passed away so close to the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing

Both Dad and I agreed that we will not see anyone like him again.

"And that's the way it is."

Goodnight Mr. Cronkite. And God Bless.

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