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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hello Sweet Things,

I know some of you have thought I've gone missing in action again, but the truth of it is I had to put in extra time to make sure my accounts were on track and to have have the right people managing them.

With the end of the fiscal year, so much to catch up on.

But I am right now with my parents and baby sis for the 4th of July holidays, took the train again on Wednesday and everyone met me at the train, I love the feel of it, the sensation of it all.

Right now I'm posting this from our Library, the main street and so many houses are decorated for the 4th of July, there is going to be a weekend crafts festival, and music, food in the park and a parade on the 4th down main street.

And we are going to be in the parade, baby sis's boy friend has entered his vintage car in the parade and we are going to be dressed up in period clothing, Mom has my outfit ready---I was wondering why she had called and asked me for my meaurements, after the parade we are doing an old-fashioned style picnic in the park, seems the family has joined the local art deco group.

The weather here is nice, a bit warm but nice.

So I will not be posting here for the next two weeks---that's right sweet things---two weeks, I'm spending it with my family, Dad can't take the entire time off he has to put in a few days at work, but he's going to be with us for this weekend and next, with an extra day off here and there or an afternoon depending on things.

So much changes are happening here in my parents home, good things, my Mother and Father look younger, more youthful, and joyful. Baby sis and her boyfriend are doing well at college, he's going be completing his degree in December of this year, I asked if he was going to be in the June graduation and he said no, since his parent have attending his 3 older siblings, it was getting to be old hat for them, and he'd much rather have it as a Christmas celebration.

Right now he's looking for a job to segway into, so he's also been going to interviews.

Mom has slowly started her sewing business, just word of mouth right now among the members of the Art Deco Society, but a lady from a civil war re-enactment group has approached her in regards to a Civil war Ball gown. Mother is looking forward to the challenge, it's a beautiful pattern.

And myself---well I'm happy, I don't know how long this happiness will last because I know the reality of life always intrudes, but I feel that this is a very positive turning point for everyone here.

The space that those cabinets of sermons took up has been filled in with a work bench that Dad and Ted (babys sis's boyfriend) use to work on things. I never realized what an excellent wood worker Dad is, he and Ted found a pair of old "captains type" chair left on the side of the street so they claimed them and now they look positively new.

Dad is also planning to have a storage shed built to the back of the lot to store the period stuff that everyone will be using, already there are 3 adjustable dress maker dummies in the upstairs hall covered with old sheets, they look like ghost at night. Trixie just growls at them, the sooner the shed is built the happier Trixie will be Dad says.

And somehow the parents had aquired 6 baby hens, Mom said they showed up on the front porch last weekend in a box, so Ted and Dad quickly built a coop and chicken run for them at the end of the vegetible garden. Ted is pretty sure they are hens and not roosters, a friend of his who is into agriculture "sexed" them. Fresh eggs Mom says, although Dad sort of muttered "the eggs may cost more than what's in the store" but just shrugged his shoulders.

I just laugh about it, it feels wonderful and so old-fashioned.

Well Must go, my 1 hour of free time on the Library computer is almost up.

Have a Happy, Safe and Sane 4th of July Sweet Things.

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Fram Actual said...

It is nice to hear you are home for the holiday weekend and even a bit longer, Diva, but it is not so nice to hear that you will be absent from posting for another couple of weeks.

No gun shows? No Lillian? Home repairs all wrapped up and paid for by the neighbor? Well, I do have to tease you a little bit.

Positively love the new photographs, and that is for sure.

Have fun with your family, and have a pleasant vacation away from the crowded city.

Take care, Diva girl ....