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Friday, October 18, 2013

Bart Strikes and "going back in time"~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Well it is a good thing I didn't have to go into work today, I had been planning on using BART but they are now on strike, so I'll have to make other arrangements and at least AC Transit is post-poning their strike for 7 days.

I did have a chance to talk to work and much of what I can do I can tele-communte, but I feel sorry for those who relied on BART as their only means of getting around.   This strike is going to hurt economically, and I really do not have any sympathy for this Union.  There is a point where one can become too greedy.

And I think they have, it is far more than their alleged "safety issues", I sincerly wish that someone at the State Capitol would come up with a law like they have in New York where public transportation cannot strike, but remain at the bargaining table, with a mediator making the final decision.

They have really shot themselves in the foot.

Joe and I are planning on going back to the Pirates of Emerson Haunted house event this weekend, but tonight there is a Vintage Fashion Fair, and Joe is going with me, it should be fun.

We may travel in vintage clothing in one of the vintage cars, at least we can arrive in style, I wonder if it will be foggy where we're going?  What 'ghosts' will show up, drifting like lost souls through lost locals, wandering in the night.

Of late I've taken up writing and I've been going to a creative writing class, but it seems that each assignment that the teacher gives I always seem to write it like it was a noir novel.  Joe teases me and says that I am "out of time, out of sync"  that I really belong in the fog filled nights of 30's-40's San Francisco.

He's right, I've noticed that most of my clothing has changed to reflect that period, I've even been wearing hats, nylons and such even to go shopping or to the movies or running errands, I've taken to driving one of the old cars more than my modern car.  Most of our DVD's are old Film Noirs, but Joe likes them as well.

He went to a police auction where old office equipment is being sold and he bidded on and won an old oak desk that has a file drawer on one side and on the other you bring out a flat top on a hinge and have mounted a manuel typewriter, it also had a drawer for pens, paperclips and such.   He's going to have it re-finished and we're going to this place that sells refurbished typewriters, he wants to buy a Royal.

Our housing situation just may work out,  we've found a house not far from my place, and it has a wonderful view of the City from the upstairs bedroom windows, plenty of space, I could convert one of the bedrooms to my home office and Joe would have his man cave as well, plenty of room for guests.  My current home is paid for now, I could rent it out for more than enough for taxes and up-keep. 

We've gone over the numbers, even had a financial analyst go over it as well just so we didn't have star-dust in our eyes to be sure, and it looks solid.   Another big step.

Now I must go, Heather is here and I promised her we'd go to the store to buy candy for Halloween and have coffee, she's got big decisions to make as well.

Kisses Sweet Things.

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