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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

As she shakes the snow off of her recumberant body~~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

Yes it is I, the Fabulous Diva, I have been silent for far too long.

So what have I been doing?  I am now an independent  working woman, setting my own hours and fees, I'm fortunate that my income from my investment portfolio is very good and my retirement package is excellent, and my company has hired me back on an independent contractor basis so I'm making more.

Joe is still in the retirement process, his last day to work will be January 19, then he is free and considering what is happening not a minute too soon,  he has been covering a lot of shifts especially for those who have families, so right now I don't see him as much.

Heather's parents have moved into Lillian's home, it's paid for, Heather's mother works and the income is more than enough to cover taxes, insurance, utilities, upkeep.  Heather's Dad found work granted at 2/3's of what he use to make, but he is not complaining, he has medical and dental benefits and that is what counts.

The "little Beast' has been adopted by them and Heather is glad, her art work has been selling and she has received several commissions to do Portraits of several children, he portraiture work is fabulous and she has decided to do painting like Owen Smith and one other painter whose name escapes me but I know that he did a famous painting called "Nighthawks". 

But what she does is use her digital camera and takes photos of places, events and people and uses all of that as references for her work, even looking at old black white photo's for ideas.  What helped get her commissions is a painting she did of Lillian, working in a country kitchen but with a little girl helping.  There is such warmth in the painting as to reach out to you, and next to it is a portrait study in oil of Lillian, neither are for sale but it helps show what Heather can do.

She is still going to the University and working towards her degree.

Because Joe is working so many shifts I told him he could "crash" at my place or his little studio but since I won't really be seeing him I'm going to spend Christmas and New Years with my Family.  Joe said he didn't mind, Heather's folks have invited him over for both holidays---especially New Years, that is if he's not working, but they said he can come over for left overs if he needs to and unwind.  Heather's folks will keep an eye on my place until I return.

I will be taking the train again, I will not risk driving during the holidays, so I will leave tomorrow and enjoy my trip. 

If I sound tired, I am.  So much has been happening and I'm still adjusting.  This intense cold is hard to shake, even with a roaring fire and hot soup, I need the comfort of family this time of year and I know it will be a very warm and happy holiday time.

Happy Holidays Sweet Things---Kisses.

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