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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frustrations and Wedding Dresses(not mine)~~~

I know Sweet Things,

It's been awhile. I'm not at work today, doing it from home, some repairs that need be done and I have to be here while it's being done. Joe has gone to see his Mother in L.A. she's not doing well, his sister called so he took "compassionate leave", then things broke down. ***sigh***well it can't be working perfectly all the time.

He called earlier, his mother is not doing very well, on borrowed time so to speak, he's not sure how long he can stay but he has a lot of time saved up, I'll know better this evening. His mother's health has him very worried. I can understand his feelings and told him that from my end to take as long as need be, he needs to be there for them.

I have an excellent assistant who is taking care of things while I'm at home, she's keeping me in touch via e-mail and phone. I'm mentoring her as well, with all these BART protests by this bogus group "Anonymous" it's been frustrating as well. A few weeks ago I came out and the Bart station was closed and her she was trying to see if she could get a bus and nothing to be had, we managed to flag a cab on another street and took it to the ferry building, and she called her Grandparents to meet us at the Ferry terminal.

Her Grandparents are such nice people, but I recognized her Grandfather as a former business partner from a financial firm that my company has done business with. They gave me a lift home and I invited them in for coffee and tea. And we talked about my assistants, their grand daughter's future. She has a sharp head on her shoulders, and as much as I would like to keep her as my assistant I know eventually she'll be moving up which is good. Networking is so important and in the future if she's in the right place at the right time she will be of valuable help.

So we made arrangements in case this bogus protest group disrupts service again. It will be getting darker soon and I do not want her on the streets at night.

I'm still car hunting, right now it's possible to get some good deals because the 2012's are coming in, so I'll be car hunting soon. I have an idea of what I want it just depends on which car will deliver it.

Lillian and her granddaughter and their little dog, Baby are doing fine. Lillian's granddaughter is so frustrated by the rising costs of college that she is thinking of dropping out, she says she is still floundering trying to decide what she wants in the way of a career, so we sat down the other evening seeing what can be mapped out, it's obvious that a career in the arts is not going to happen anytime soon, even though having a college degree in it would be wonderful, but at what expense?

So we talked about an interim job to cover school expenses, that is working full time and going to college part time, it will take longer, but in this economy she really doesn't have much choice. At least with all this discussion we've come up with some idea's, right now she is not taking a full college load, but cutting back and we are looking at other careers that she can apply some of her credits to. She is not going to give up art, but where can she take her knowledge to.

Myself---so far except for these few things happening, things in the long run are going well. Baby Sis and I are still making plans to go to Disneyland, I feel like a kid when I say that, so by the middle of next month off we go to the land of unreality. We are also throwing in Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios as well taking an entire week, 8 whole days, 14 really allowing for travel time down to the folk's and staying there for a day or two both ways.

The whole family is doing fine, Mother has a couple of wedding dresses in the works for a Fall and a Winter Wedding. The Winter Wedding dress will have white velvet trim with a sprinkling of sequins to give the appearance of snow. The Fall Wedding is goth in style, an all back wedding dress with red sequins to be dripping down like blood. Very Addams Family, the Brides maids will be wearing red dresses with black shoes and little red hats decorated with black veiling and spiders.

Mom had to call me personally and tell me about that one, she said at least with the bridesmaid dresses she will not be sewing those they will buy theirs from different sources, only the hats have to be the same, Baby sis helped out with that. So the hats are ready. But the bridal veil is going to be very interesting, black roses, with tiny spiders, the veil is black chiffon with a thin red satin trim to give it a little weight. All very "mournful". The Wedding is going to be on Oct. 29, just perfect.

I always say if you have to decide how to marry, let it be the way you want it.

Oh I have to go, I think the repair man is done.

Later my Sweet Things, and hopefully with some good news.


P.S. I know that's not my usual "Ava" image but all that gothic wedding plans.

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