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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cars and "Pretties"~~~

Arrgh!! Cars! Cars!! Cars!!!

If I see or test drive or hear another sales person’s spiel I am going to go NUTS!!!

I finally told Joe I was tired of looking at cars, I know it’s not a good thing to just rush to buy one just to get it over and done with, but I’m reaching that point.

Joe is with me on this and has suggested we take a break, just relax and breathe, he suggested that I might want to look into a short term lease on a car until I can finally decide on what I want, which is what I’m going to do. Although I’ll continue to use public transportation and car pooling with my neighbor for work, but to have my own car for a little while will take the pressure off of me until I can make a reasonable decision.

But Joe can be sneaky, we went to a Dodge dealership and I saw the 2011 offerings, yes I became attracted to the Challenger, there was a V6 that looked promising, yes, one more test drive but are you ready for this, our sales person is a woman, Joe sat in the back and she let me take out one; this little thing was ready to purrrrr. The mileage wasn’t as great as I would like it only 18 city, 27 highway, but I really liked the feel and looks of it.

Our sales lady did point out a couple of the weaknesses of it, such as a blind spot, but she said it’s really how I felt about it, so piling me with information, info on the options and the various costs with each option, she advised that I think on it, let it perk a bit, when I’m ready come on back. I liked her low key approach, so when Joe went to get his car I turned to her and said that I liked her style of salesmanship and she said to me that a product will sell itself when the buyer is ready, she wasn’t in the business to make a lot of sales but to have happy customers, repeat customers, and referrals, most of her sales happened that way and that mostly it’s women buyers who come to her.

With her business card in hand and all the information I’m going to look this over, I have no idea if I’m going to go with this one, but I think what I’m going to do is a short term lease for now and just let my brain relax before I jump into a purchase.

However on the flip side, Lillian and Heather have suggested that I might want to look towards a Dodge Caravan, excellent to haul things to my country place or if I make very large purchases or, as Heather is fond of pointing out, taking a “Lot of Friends” some place. But a Caravan??? How “Soccer Mom” and I’m not a “Soccer Mom”.

Even Joe pointed out the practicality of it (What!! He giving in on the Challenger??), and he said that we could use it if we go camping---Camping??!!! Who said I was going to “rough it”??!!

But---- ***sigh*** I told Joe what I was envisioning for myself, and yes it’s selfish, but I could see the sensibility of a Caravan, even if I’m only using it on weekends. Joe said that something could be worked out, I told him I was not going to buy 2 cars and he only replied with a wink and a nod and said “We’ll see what can be done.” So I’ll do a short term lease on a car, just so I can have transportation for a little while and be independent.

So yesterday afternoon I and Lillian indulged while Joe worked on the old jeep that he’s restoring and trying to find parts of the other car as well, he had some of his buddies over but I warned them about getting grease on my rugs and floors.

Lillian had heard about a vintage fashion faire that was close by, Heather had a paper to work on and couldn’t take her so I said why not. Oh it was lovely to see all the beautiful things that were offered. Even the fashionable (for 1970’s) clothing from one the writers (a lady) who wrote the scripts for the 1960’s-70’s soap opera “Dark Shadows” was on display I remember as a child how all my school mates would rush home to watch it with their mother’s. Something I missed out on.

But there were several things I couldn’t resist, a wonderful hat from the 1940’s, a beautiful 1950’s black croc purse just large enough for my 8 ½ inch file folders to fit into, should I take it to work, and a totally decadent lounge outfit in cream and coral. And jewelry to outfit Aladdin’s cave, not that I bought all of it, only two pins that I just fell in love with. Lillian found a purse she liked and bought a couple of poodle pins that she knew Heather would just enjoy. (which she did). And I collected business cards and flyers for other events, which I will post on my calendar for just in case.

We could have stayed forever there, but Lillian was beginning to fade and I had to see what Joe wanted to do about Dinner. So home we went with our treasures.

Unfortunately Joe was called back on duty and was getting dressed when I got home; I made him a couple of sandwiches, fruit and a thermos of coffee for later. Things like that happen; it’s what I knew I was getting involved with. With a kiss, a “be safe out there” and a wave I saw him off to work.

But all was not lost, Heather was finished with her paper, just needs any editing, I looked it over it with her made some suggestions which she noted while Lillian rested. Then we all decided to go to our favorite café for hamburgers and sweet potato fries and indulge in two film noir’s “The house on 92nd Street” and “The Naked City”.

Now today it’s gray and overcast, I hate days like that, but it’s also a good time to catch up on few things and buy groceries. Joe is asleep and will have to go on duty tonight again.

I have an answer to one of my “reader’s” questions --- where do I find the pictures that I post here on my blog. They are the photos of my favorite actress Ava Gardner which I find all over the internet. I have a bit of a resemblance to her so I try to use the one’s that best illustrate my post, that may not happen all the time, but I do have fun, I also enjoy looking at the beautiful clothing that she and other actresses from the 40’s and 50’s wore with such style and elegance.

Now I must go, I have a very empty pantry which needs filling.

Kisses Sweet Things.

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