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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ruger Vaqueros---Mmmmmm Sweet~~~~

Hello this Morning Sweet Things,

It's turning warm, and I have to do some house keeping things today, but I have to up date you.

The first thing is that our Charity Poker Night raised nearly 3,000 for Breast Cancer, and yes Sweet Things it was a long night, but fun. I came in 5th in the earnings but it was so much fun! We were playing Texas Hold 'Em by the way, but Frank and Joe want me to practice 5 card stud poker as a back up.

Frank is getting into SASS the Single Action Shooting Society organization, seems a number of his and Joe's police officer friends are getting into it and they are nugging me into that direction, especially after what I told them what happened at the Gun Show yesterday.

There are also other organizations for Fast Draw competition and Mounted Shooting, as well as Cowboy re-enactment. I find that I'm slowly being drawn in that direction, Hmmmm can you picture me in a bustle and Victorian dress with a pair of .38's or .45's on my hips? Or maybe looking like Jane Russell in "Pale Face" with a buscadero rig hugging me? Hmmmm food for thought.

What prompted that encouragement from my friends is at the Gun Show at the Cow Palace I was walking along and I stopped at this one table just casually looking at the revolvers when all of a sudden one of "them" just "sang out" to me.

I looked her over, loved the heft, the action was very good, tested some snap rounds in it so I wouldn't hurt her dry firing. Ahhhhhhh I fell in love with her.

And "Her" is an older Ruger Vaquero .45 cal 4 5/8 barrel Cold Case Harden/Blue frame. The dealer lowered the price since I was going to pay cash, by 60 dollars, that way the tax and paperwork could be included. I can hardly wait to pick her up but as always, there is a 10 day waiting period and a drive to Ronnert Park on Hywy 101, but wait I must.

I happened to walk over afterwards (with an internal good feeling on my purchase), towards the Sunnyvale Rod and Gun club table that was sponsored by the local SASS group and talked to them about my purchase, two of them asked if they could go back with me to look at my Ruger.

When we did and they looked her over they immediately offered to buy her off of me after I completed the transaction. I said that I wanted to keep her for a while and have fun with her. So they told me how such a gun like her was highly desirable for many different reasons and that if I went to a SASS shoot as a visiting competitor that a number of people would offer to buy or trade for her.

When we walked back to their table they told their friends what I had bought and there was a round of "Polite" cussing on what they had missed out. My escorts offered to buy me lunch at the Cow Palace and we had a nice chat about Guns and SASS.

Now with Frank and Joe encouraging me, I think I just might join, there are a couple of groups near by in Richmond, Sunnyvale and San Jose, so I'm going to see what it might entail. I am a pretty fair shot myself so I need to see what they do in their "stages" and what it would totally entail.

I have a fair idea but I like to have a full picture, some how in some way I feel like things are guiding me in a new direction, and I like to get an idea of what I maybe getting into. But for some reason I have a feeling it's going to be fun.

And isn't that what life is all about? We have to do the necessary things, and we have to do the responsible things, but in all of that it is important to have fun.

I heard or read some where "That the more complex the Society, the greater the need for play" evidently Play is a great stress reliever, and I can understand that.

I also can understand why some people will suddenly just stop what they are doing and do a complete change in life style and outlook, they get an epiphany that their spiritual and family needs are far greater than material wealth.

Now if the rest of Society and the Government would understand that then maybe we can get this country back on track. Ahh don't get me talking about politics, that will just get me "rilled up".

So instead I will take care of the house hold chores, and enjoy the outside world.

Until later Sweet Things,


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Fram Actual said...

We, of the gun show circuit, salute you, Diva.

Sorry, that I did not comment on a couple of your earlier posts. My life is in the process of changing, somewhat dramatically, it would appear, and I have not been very active in blogland. (I still hate that word -- it sounds like a place in a horror film.)

In any event, I might be on the verge of becoming one of those who "will suddenly just stop what they are doing and do a complete change in life style and outlook, they get an epiphany that their spiritual and family needs are far greater than material wealth."

My ventures into the world of Rugers has amounted to a few rifles, but only two handguns, both .22 caliber: A "Single-Six" and a "Mark II Government Target Model" with a bull barrel and a scope mounted on it. Both have seen plenty of use.

I would bet you have fun if you get into the SASS side of shooting.

Take care ....