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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Grey Day in S.F.

Hello Sweet Things,

Well it is once again overcast, grey and dreary here in the S.F. Bay Area, I'm at work right now and taking a very well-deserved coffee break.

It's a little eerie being here in the office with only just a few people, not all of the lights are turned on, but within 15 minutes it will become buzzing again. I came in early to sweep away a far amount of back log and be totally caught up, it also gives me a chance to see what the markets on the East Coast are doing and how the Continent has fared.

I'm not going to comment on the state of affairs it's too much of a muddle for me to even properly articulate.

The San Francisco Bay Bridge is once again open, and they were only two hours late, originally they thought they would be one whole day late, but it only goes to show what a "can do" effort can pull off.

I'm glad that they found that crack in the beam, as they say it must have happened a year ago, so what might have been a nuisance has been a blessing.

Because of the commute difficulties I had changed my tactics getting to and from work, I usually take the W trans bay commuter bus as it is closest to my home, and depending upon how long I'm at work take the same line home or alter to the more common O trans bay bus, or if I feel reckless Catch BART then transfer to the homely 51 and walk the 4 or so blocks to my home, tennis shoes a necessity and a good exercise.

But last Thursday I did something a bit different, I took the Ferry home, and with Lillian picking me up it felt just wonderful. The transition over the Bay through the waters, watching the city recede into the distance as the Ferry travelled closer and closer to home felt so relaxing and meditative and the travel time was less than taking any of the other means.

But the Ferry is not cheap. And it has to be timed just right to catch the bus away from the Ferry terminal if I do not have someone to pick me up.

But I'm adding it to my means of transportation.

This is "over-the Hump Day" Wednesday and anything I get done or set up today will put me further ahead in my job. I love Wednesdays, I use this day to work longer to be in a better position for things. Of course it means that Dinner is left overs, but frankly who cares, I use the evening to make my shopping list, plan my meals for the following week and go over my "to-do" list---Thursdays are for bill paying and laundry---I get home early, balance the check book, pay the bills, mail them off.

Of course it does mean that those two days I don't go to the gym, just some exercises at home.

So why am I "talking" about those things? I really don't know, it's just that looking out my office window it's a grey, dreary, some what foggy day here in San Francisco, not even a bit of mysterious glamour on the streets.

Where are you Sam Spade? In your hat and trench coat looking for the 'Black Bird', where are you? You seem to be eluding me this day, no sign at all.

Except for the smell of fresh coffee.

Must go, a co-worker has brought me a fresh cup of coffee to lift my spirits. And a devious smile on her face, something is up---I wonder if a "message from Sam Spade has arrived".

Until Later Sweet Things---Kisses.

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