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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A leaking hot water heater and Happy Valentines Day

Hello Sweet Things,

I am so wonderfully tired right now, I've been up early today, I may even go to bed early maybe.

We were watching the news last night about that L.A. cop killer that was hiding in a remote cabin, Joe became so angry at this monster, saying that he took the easy way out by committing suicide, he would have preferred that the man burn to death.

Joe's anger almost frightened me but I could understand why he feels that way, this person was removed from his job for excellent reasons, and then instead of finding a way to re-build his life kills the officer who defended him and the daughter and her fiance of another officer and then during the shoot out kills another officer. 

From what was known it seems he took on a vendetta of grievances and was planning to kill all police officers he could find including those officers who he felt had conspired against him.  

I turned to Joe and said "I'm glad you're out of the force"  and told him my reasons.   That calmed him down, he said he's been reflecting on his leaving and has no regrets that it was the best move considering what what happening in the force.   And although he is busy and puts in some long hours he is more relaxed and is not tense like he use to be.

I am tired, it's been a very personal busy day, last night Joe decided to do a load of laundry and walked into the laundry room to be greeted with a puddle of water.  The old hot water heater sprung a leak.  Between Joe shutting off the water to it, turning off the burner, getting a hose so he could drain the tank and my mopping the floor with a mop and old towels it was a mess.   I called a plumber who came over that evening, said we did the right things and checked everything further, we talked about what needed to be done, and he quoted me a price,  and it was better than my guesstimate.   Said he could do the work early this afternoon and he did and was so neat about it.

Of course I had to deal with not being able to take a shower this morning, but once the water heated up I was in there yelling like Meg Ryan in that movie whatever its name, and was crying out "yes, Yes, YES!!!"  Joe came into the bathroom and asked if I needed any help----well he needed a shower too.   ;)  and you know where that could lead to.    So why am I on the computer?  Joe got dressed and is out getting dinner and a bottle of wine, so since my Valentine's present is a day early I just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

Kisses Sweet Things

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