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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well Sweet Things,

My Assistant and I got to work early, I'm taking a short break right now.

If you want to know what's been happening go to, they have pictures and stories,  but it was horrible, the vandalism, the willful destruction of property that are owned and operated by the hardworking people, NOT the 1% is more than enough to say that "Occupy" is nothing but a reason for hoodlums to gather and have the opportunity to do damage.

They destroyed a Channel 5 news van, burned a police car, vandalized private businesses and private cars,  my Joe has bruises that he showed me via video phone that are so black and blue it will be ages before they go, he may even have cracked ribs.  He is in a lot of pain right now and he's seen other officers get it worse, bottles and paint thrown at them, hit with crowbars and metal objects,  it's a job that he took on years ago, but it hurts him in other ways, people that need help that need the police.

One protester an Amanda Young said that (and I'm paraphrasing) this is not what Occupy is about, but that it does turn the people against them.   Oh Really??? And what gave you that protest can be peaceful, and this is not Syria or Egypt, if you want to do a peaceful non-violent, non-vandalizing protest you can here in the U.S.A with out fear of being shot at---if it's peaceful, Syria and Egypt are totally different situations they are held by dictators.

But turn those vandals, those criminals in,  show real solidarity that your message is peaceful.  Show that"Occupy" has zero tolerance to such acts.   Since you're not then "Occupy" has no validity, it is nothing but a criminal element.

Heather could not get to school via the normal routes, our neighbor drove her to classes by different route, she was even thinking of staying late until someone could come and get her or the buses were running normally again.

Since my Assistant and I have put in extra time by coming in early we are going to go home early via the Ferry which is running again----if this was an earthquake disaster they would not have shut down.  

And the cost in insurance, the rates will go up because of this  "Occupy" what have you done---anything positive???  I think not.   I am totally disgusted with "Occupy's" motives for they have none, I now view them as criminals, lazy good for nothings that want handouts without having to work for it. 

I paid my way through college, working part time jobs, fighting for grants, if I didn't have enough money for a full class load I got what I could afford.  I didn't have health insurance, going to clinics and dental schools for my medical needs, buying cloths at thrift shops, eating more Mac and cheese and raman noodles than I care to think about,  sleeping on floors in well-meaning friends apartments, trading baby-sitting for a place to sleep,  collecting bottles and cans to get money for foods or transportation, or walking everywhere, getting so thin that I looked like a refugee from WWII.

When my Father hears what I went through because of his stubbornness those years ago, he cries and asks forgiveness, which I give him, I can't hate him anymore, because he hates himself for what he did and now trys to make it up to Baby Sis and wants to make it up to me.   He has in his own way,  our healing our relationship has been like a soothing balm.  

But it has taught me that hand outs only make people lazy, unless it is done in a way that is positive.  You have to work for everything, save for everything, it cannot be handed on a silver platter, we want what our folks had???  They saved and scrimped and sacrificed for it, and so will you, think back to the 1930s' that is the only way.

Now I have to go,  the rest of the staff is finally showing up after all the delays, so a meeting in 15.

Later Sweet Things.  Kisses

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