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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A slight disappointment~~

I am sorry to report Sweet Things, but no "Ghost and Mr. Chicken" last night.

Instead they ran "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman", but all was not lost, we enjoyed that as well. But Lillian Tvoid "The Indestructible Man" that was running on another station. "Saving it for an opener next week" she said.

I love it! Joe put in a long, cold shift and just came home, I made him take a hot shower to warm him up. He did not tell me what was happening on the "Occupy Oakland" situation, which is just as well, I can always find out on the news.

To my Sweet Fram, I think I will rent that movie you suggested, just to see the country, and that is so very interesting about your gun purchase---I am jealous! I need to go to a gun show.

On the television idea, when Baby Sis and Ted told me about that I ran it by Joe and even he liked the idea. So we too are going to be watching for an old cabinet, that would work. Joe said he needs a few hobbies to get his mind off of things. On his car restoration, that is going a bit slow, finding the right parts, having the time to do it. But in the end it's all worth it.

In my home I have a lot of old-fashioned things, I think it was because I'd always been searching for my "imagined" idea of a family home, and also I always felt that there was a sort of old-fashioned homey style to it. It was my reaction to what I felt I had been missing from my childhood. Now it seems to be coming full circle.

The sun is out right now, and I am going to take a walk down towards the beach, Heather is working on a paper, and Lillian said she'd join me for brunch at one of our favorite cafe's she'll pick me up from my walk once I call her by cell phone.

Joe has gone to bed, and I can hear his snores rattling the rafters, that only happens when he's very exhausted.

By the way Sweet Things, I still have not bought a car yet, I rented one for the Trip to Disneyland last month, and it was a good thing it was a good size Dodge van, Baby sis and I stopped at a number of shops on the way down and back. Had quite a few finds.

So I hope before Thanksgiving I'll be the proud owner of a new car. But I make no promises.

Kisses, Sweet Things

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Fram Actual said...

Butte is an old and, in many ways, an ugly mining town, Diva. It looks much the same as it did a century ago. Seriously, I would be surprised if you did not enjoy the film. Your childhood is not the only one with a few twists and turns, and which requires adjustments among brothers, sisters, parents, husbands and wives.

I might ask the Butte gentleman if he wishes to sell the Python, too. I had one once, with a six-inch barrel. My only reservation about this one is a four-inch barrel -- identical to the revolver David Soul carried in "Magnum Force" and Dirty Harry tried out on the firing range.