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Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Been So Long~~~

Hello Sweet Things,

It seems that I can't really stay away, and I know it's been awhile.

Truth is that life has been very busy for me, that I had feared that I would not be able to post again, but then I've managed to steal a moment.

It seems now that my blog has become more of a diary to make concrete my thoughts, to look back on events and analyze them.

I'm looking out now from my window at the sunshine how it plays on the water, the beach, this last week, the water was very high, so high that one had the impression that if you stepped off of a dune you'd be right in the water, all grey, choppy, a large flock of small birds where wheeling and sweeping down looking for a place to land, they finally did on the water, I thought the waves would over whelm them but they rode it out like the veterans they are.

Rain, and cold, snow on our local mountains have made for very chilly conditions, people taking their children to the local snow and indulging in snowmen, snow ball fights and snow angels. I smile at the thought of it.

Work has been busy, the effects of the events in Egypt and near by countries are being watched very closely---the "butterfly" effect I call it.

How are things going for me? Busy as always, I've been promoted, have a wonderful assistant who has a good head on her shoulders, unfortunately she came down with a strep throat this last week, I told her to stay home and get well, we've been in touch by e-mail and she thinks she'll be well enough to come to work this week.

And here at the office people have been dropping like flies with this flu that gives one a terrible sore throat, so far I've stayed well, hydrating, vitamins, eating healthy.

Everyone at work has been looking forward to the 3 day weekend, so have I, but I'm staying home for the weekend. Just going to local places.

I went with friends last night to enjoy the Chinese New Years Parade, cold, wet, but no rain and just bright and beautiful, Jeannie Cho one of my co-workers who join me gave me a tiny rabbit charm for good luck and I gave her one in return. I stayed at the Westin St. Francis instead of making my way home from the parade, I made plans for that some time before. And it was a good thing.

Lillian is more frail now, but she still insists on staying in her home, but her granddaughter is staying with her this weekend which is good.

Lillian's idea for me to have a housekeeper was so right and it has been working out beautifully.

Joe is still restoring his vintage jeep, but he saw a 1940's Ford, he told me about it and even though a mess I could see the good "bones" it had, he kept saying "she only needs this" or "She only needs that" so I surrendered and SHE is now in my garage. I told Joe there is no more room so be content.

With sickness and the holiday weekend Joe is pulling double shifts so it's been a bit hard for us to have any long stretches of time together but we manage. And I am contentedly happy.

My family is doing very well, I had a chance to go down by train for the holidays to see them, they met Joe and they like him a lot and he likes them. Dad is happy that I have someone good in my life. I asked him if he was worried and he replied "Only that if anything happens to your Mother and I that you would be alone, but now I feel better about everything" I can understand his feelings.

As much as possible I take the ferry to work and home now, there is something so soothing about getting on board from the chilly dock and riding it, seeing San Francisco receding just like my worries floating way on the cold bay waters. Sort of a Zen feeling.

For now the clouds and rain are gone and I am going out to enjoy the sunshine while I can, too much have I been indoors between work and home, now to break free.

Later Sweet Things.

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Fram Actual said...

Well, shiver me timbers, to quote Long John Silver. A voice from the almost-distant past. Nice to have you emerge from the fog again, Diva, and good to hear life is going well for you.

Since you have been absent for months and months, I did not have the opportunity to mention it, but had it not been for a twist of fate, I might well have ended up spending the Winter in San Francisco. The plan had been to go there in early December. Next, Winter, maybe, although I think I might prefer the Florida side of the seaboard. Warmer there, you know, and the sharks are smaller.

So, enjoy your sun, while I hibernate through still one more blizzard. Try not to be absent so long next time around. Take care, Diva, and keep your powder dry ....